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Probably will end up going to tight end because that's the next guy. And I think that all the top tight ends is Evan Ingraham's still there. Yeah, he's still there. Earth is gone. Gone. Gone. Gone actually switched up there. Greg Olsen has moved up to number four. And the rankings here for fantasy prose evidence room was at four for a while. Because I have to picks back to remember again. So I have two picks in a row. And I could take Marvin Jones or I'm not taking or Corey Davis actually and still get running still a tight end. So well, I don't think we're going to get picked. So let's take the stick and take everything Ingram. Because I think he's going to be very good this year for the giants and kind of those play action plays when they're going to fake it to figure saquon and throw it out of the top and make an emigrant. Everything was very, very good lettuce and where he's going to be a mismatch for a lot of for a lot of linebackers. And basically if he gets lined up against linebacker, can't cover that well, watch out because he's going to be buying, especially on play action plays where everybody's gonna take in their hand into saquon. So then Royce Freeman and Royce Freeman was rookie from Oregon, actually might have one of the best seasons of any running backs. He's good and Josh Gordon goes first round first pick of the six around. So now I have. I still have that who who did they want? I wanted to Davis where he go off my board here, but he's get him again. As I mean, Dion Lewis go after a quarterback, honestly, right here about so Wilson Cam Newton ju- breeze Carson Wentz actually, I have I have to this is the point where you have to decide sixth-round do you just go with a quarterback here? Carson Wentz available. I'll take Carson Wentz. Kirk cousins actually moved up to number eight. I didn't say Kirk cousins Angeles at nine, but we have never know what's going to happen within Jimmy Garoppolo job down to thirteen. Philip rivers is at twelve now. So they've definitely shelf shuffled their things, but I'm gonna go Carson Wentz right now or thing is drew Brees Carson Wentz honestly, droopy drew even they don't throw the ball that much. He's still puts up good points. I mean, I'm gonna look at his. Look at his output from last year, and I'm taking way too long here between my picks would not be this. This is bad etiquette showing you. Check. I wanna check to you, jury jurors points from us because this is all research still. It's the mock davick takeover long. I want. Breeze who did not cancel out my league from last year. So I still have all of my information all the game logs last year. Yeah, he never scored. Well, he never scored create. He never went crazy, but he never really was bad either. So. And I think this year, especially without those first four weeks without without Ingram, they're gonna throw in the ball, a lot more for the saints. Honestly, let's take your drew. I like I island take Droubi moreover over Carson Wentz because I just think that I like the fact that he's going to be the average opposition for for him is seventy seven, really? That's what they're telling me and I'm, we're on the fifty second pick. Went to sixty eight. Picked. Newton still still on there too, but he's so inaccurate. Not invent honestly, we're gonna, let's stay away from the quarterback. So we're gonna come back. I'll end up one of those guys at the bottom. Not really fan of..

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