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It's just not mobile. He's not mobile. So you just You know, he's a pocket passer. Who's not that durable. But he throws a good ball. It's just you got working around him. You gotta have everything I'll say this for for Jacksonville and Lawrence. You know on paper, you go. Wow, man, he they're going, he said. They're terrible team, and they are but They've got some pieces in place right now. That would make Laurence perfect. I mean that rookie running back James Robinson is a terrific player. They should all to the Colorado receiver had a decent year. Deka teach each Ark who you know. Now he's kind of put on weight Rod since the last few days. He's stronger and better, So they got a pretty good left tackle and Cam Robinson. There's they got some pieces. There were Lawrence won't just be totally naked. I think when, when they moved in front of the Jets, Yeah. He lost his Q rating going from Jackson, New York to Jacksonville, but he may have gained a better chance to succeed on the field. Still the JAG wars until proven otherwise been everything. I'm sit. There obviously is right. But there's still the Jack Morrison to build that team of Nancy Championship game like, three years ago. Yeah, they're second one in franchise history. So maybe you're like, really did that wasn't doing how to kill her deed? No, wait, wait. Not only were they in the a F c championship game. Shouldn't we have a lead? Yeah, Yeah, the one that camp Yeah, but Doug Marone was like I'm afraid to win Scary. It's crazy camp. Right back to the Jaguars. Whenever you're right, there's no way we're still comes. It's like the Marlins and the Rays. All that you're good and all of a sudden like now we don't like to be in good thing. Let's go back to sucking. The most fascinating thing about this year's draft is what the Jets do. That the Jets his side they're going to move on from Donald. Then Donald warned of somewhere else is well and that it's a matter of. Do you believe in Darnel? Did you order you got a handicap? The quarterback thing this year and I'm glad we have Brock on and Greg because they, you know, they're good as good as any. Brock watches both the college of the pro game. You know who who's you gotta make the right call. Whoever we don't know what Which of these guys is gonna be good over the next five years, but Some is good. Some of these guys, you're gonna bottom out some of these guys. You're gonna wind up a Super Bowl rings, and it's like you gotta pick the right one. Tough boy. That's why the especially this draft when you have a choice of those quarterbacks, and again if you believe in Donald, then you need to go get Sul and, you know, short your left tackle spot for a decade and you be good to go. Good to go there if you don't believe in him. You can take one of their two quarterbacks, Then that's left and probably recoup. I don't know. What do you think Rudy? Get for? Ah, Donald may be a late one or a mid to Manderley to somewhere around. What do you get What you get for him? You know, the speculation was at first the third round pick and then with her, And then people started to sing. What was gonna be higher? Barnwell? I think Suggested that somebody could get a second. But, you know, you know, I you know, it's hard to say it's beauty's in the eye of the beholder. I mean, you want Donald is a good option for Teams cap wise because he's only in that what 9 $10 million range instead of the 20 to $30 million range, So if you're the Niner issue is they got a huge core players They want to keep. And they got an expensive quarterback. So can they get a You know how many of these player what does the roster look like with Jimmy? What does the roster look like with whatever rookie and they may make that decision on the quarterback, all based on That you know what you know the two different rosters because that's a could be a dramatic difference. That's $20 million of players difference. They're the enemy. Interviewed with the JAG wars. Today, he finished up an interview the enemy did with the Jets. Yesterday. I would think that Eric the enemy's first question. Anyone who interviews for the Jets had coaching job there. First question will be Do I get to pick and choose what happens with the quarterback situation? If they say no, you move on, because if they make you stick with Sam Donald and you don't want to, that's a real bad way to start your marriage to the New York Jets. Larry's got headlines coming up Next Rock You were three o'clock here on the sports leader.

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