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Now in the NFL, I wanna ask him who, of course, yesterday and talking to Dan, or lathi ano-, of course Dan had already reached out to Josh because they kind of operated quarterback club so who is Josh passed the baton right now. Well we we'll do this little later. We have a list of all the all the backup quarterbacks in the NFL in which there's to look at a backup, right? Which one is the best one come in and play if you need him. Right. And which one is the best in the room guy training, the young guy. Who still got the training wheels. It's the ultimate insurance policy, you're gonna pay for them, but you never wanna use it is the weirdest position all sports. You wanna make sure you are covered and you got someone. And you hope you never have never stepped off the sideline. We've got some basketball news. Also. The pelicans were the only ones that we're trying to figure out how to deal with the ball family. No lamelo ball, has joined the ele- Warrick hawks of the Australian Illawarra did it of the Australian National Basketball league. So they now get to figure out how to deal with lavar, but lamelo is headed there. He played. Let's remember in Lithuanian twenty eight team for year unlikely he could've played in college under the eligibility rules, but he is still a top prospect for next year's draft. And listen. We, we have talked about, you know, lavar and played some of the sound yesterday, just we everybody knows our, our feelings, or at least try yours. A little different, but about lavar, but this has nothing to do with the kids. I wish nothing but success for those kids and men. I remember Mela when we used to see him, you know, in high school before the whole thing started going to Lithuanian then last year play what was inspires I in Ohio, which was a prep school where he played he's like six six six seven out great ball handler, and, and good enough. It would seem at this point to be a lottery. Pick you ought to be the number one pick in the draft next year. We'll see as far as this classes, concern of guys would be going to college of which he is not. He was ranked twenty first in ESPN's class of one hundred RJ Hampton who's going to play for the New Zealand breakers in the same league as ball in the NBL. He was ranked the number five prospects. So you're getting a couple of guys going there, and then we'll see what happens with the draft, but six six six seven ball handler. Heck of a player no doubt about it. And he's going to get some good tests in that because one of the knocks on is the physicality, we talk about with. Actually Lonzo ball as well and going and play where he's going to play that certainly gonna get tested. It'll be very interesting, if any of these guys are able to improve their stock because I saw someone brought this up the other day of which college programs, produced the best pros. And so made the compelling point that couch programs, don't produce pros. You're giving a commodity that in most cases is pretty pro ready and you're holding it over. And in some cases, we see improvement guy like Zion, definitely got a bump from his time at zoo. Duke in a number of ways can these leagues overseas be just as viable in holding over these commodities, and maybe helping guys improve certain aspects of their game enough to show. All right. This is a good model more guys can do this and explore the option of it's right for them. What you said, Zion got a bump from Duke, Duke also got a major. Yes. I'm playing two years. John moran. Yep. Exactly John merinbloom, a little bit of a different category. I think when we look at the guys that will be affected when the one in done rule is gone. Known commodities going. I get your point. Exact John Moran is a great example of some guys do absolutely need that time to develop. And again, of course the NBA draft is Thursday night. So we'll see. It's, it's expected that those two jumper, it will go one and two and are Barrett will follow at number three. So we go from basketball to baseball, and as we said, we were going to be were delighted to be joined now by our ESPN, insider BUSTER, only a host of the baseball podcast. Again, tonight's guest is Yankees. GM Brian Cashman BUSTER good time to have him on as Edwin and Cottam SEO and makes his debut. But honestly, the best thing about the game last night was what we saw from Masahiro Tanaka, right? Nine innings to hits a complete game shutout. Yeah. And that's gonna be the big question for the Yankees going forward. I mean they're not other not many places that lineup where you're going to be finding upgrades between now and the trade deadline, but the focus for the Yankees for Brian Cashman is going to be starting pitching. I'm sure that they'll be having conversations continue conversation with the giants about Madison Bumgarner. I think it's more likely they'll focus on Marcus Stroman. The Toronto Blue Jays, who's a, a big ground balls. Strikeout guy, you know, local kid. He's pitching the American League before he's under control through two thousand twenty but yeah, the Yankees still have worked to do with their rotation. Even in the aftermath of that great outing by Tanaka last night. And again, I have to apologize. I broke one of my own rules. I said, complete game shutout which is so stupid by definition, complete. It's funny. You mentioned that could last night. I send out a tweet saying, complete game shutout because this era people like what complete game what? Want to reinforce the idea that, that, you know, that, that phrase is redundant. So let's change it from complete game to getting in a game. And when will Stanton and judge be back in games, then it's going to be back tonight and the Yankees line of weather permitting. It's terrible down here north of New York City. So we'll see if the gate they get the game tonight and then Aaron judge maybe later in the week. So it that point, then you really do have, you know that murders row that it looks like they're gonna have this unbelievable collection of power hitters that Edwin Encarnacion leading the American League in home runs joined the, the guy who second is Gary Sanchez now is new teammate. And then you get stand back tonight. You get judge back later in the week, they are going to absolutely obliterate, mediocre pitching and bad teams. And there's no question that, you know, the addition event will probably improve their chances. Is to win the American League east. I think the big question everyone's going to have is with the Yankees lineup. So right handed with so many strikeouts. When you face a leap pitching in October, you know, the Justin Verlander Garrett Kohl's Charlie Morton to the raise, if that's who they face..

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