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Baron chick he got sixty thousand. Tommy furey fifteen thousand. Anthony taylor forty thousand Who knows what happened there. I don't know Charles conwell eighty thousand juan carlos. Rubio twenty thousand. You can definitely tell that a card like this has a lot of love went to the athletes in terms of just the upfront money. And that's something that if you want to get into. We can but the disparity of boxing purses How much the athlete gets versus anime athletes in what they get when it comes to these bigger cards with emma. Maybe they're not as transparent with boxing. The are but boxing sure. Looks like they share more. And i think that's why you got a lot of these guys to insert collapsing out seeing all box box. I think we're gonna see quinton rampage snacks pretty soon box. I wouldn't be shocked if you know you vanderlei silva or like what we're seeing with doorbell that just gets repeated. You know and i'm fine with it to tell you the truth But tyron would leave. May two million and eating get touched lunch. He did not get touch much. I'm not saying he one but he did not get touch much stir. Maybe he had an intense two months with headgear in his brain gut rattled a little bit there but I think the risk was worth the reward when it came to this particular business transaction in his life and that's why he wants another shot. Willie get it. I don't know that might be a tough one guy may have been it right there on. Paul has kinda hinted towards i. It was just giving some time off. Then he played the conor mcgregor play of intimating that he might retire. And then i think earlier. Today i saw out of retirement. So that's him. Trolling fucking about but Whatever you know.

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