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Satian here between the officials and the main objects loosely will be at ally while in his time here for the black bears will he gets to the recordsetting susan forward yet the free throw line nichols thirty seven radioed was the key one at stony brook were to make amends in this big names in the first one is at is any shot by being now was going to be a 3point attempt at one point one second home o'clock all feel better make this these slacker of the second one is good as well and it is a 3point lead from seventy six seventy three and they want fleming on the basketball man rodriguez along the baseline task korzhakov i wasn't very fab oh my goodness kill backward all dog seventy six the seventy three main is now eight one in peace conference binghampton alwin want in the conference after losing this one and they are now five american peace offering spoil fitters walsh league goal you could join us here in just a second as he makes his waves who are us cellular broadcast booth thank you guys and a lot of support here behind the main bench and the black bears a hold on your coach a big sigh of relief fears you're making your way over to our broadcasts position first of all other great comeback yeah i didn't notice that let's uh another great comeback for your team here in the second half you had one against donnybrook the other day but this time you hold on a lot of big plays down there down the stretch here i love the way this team believes in each other you know that's the bottom line is is we just never stopped believing in each other and we keep competing you know that first half was so bad defensively defensively i mean i look at the numbers and i'm like i know we're not this that and it's just keep believing keep believing keep believing were down twenty the other night we found the competitive spirit we kept believing we should have won that game uh and and guys stepped up and made big plays you know erin callixte the really wasn't playing well stepped up a mayhew shots.

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