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Okay. Because from Johnny's perspective. He was. But we don't. We didn't know that. Then I mean if you if you're talking about what we know now. What do we? If you're talking about from the perspective of what we know now with Cobra Kai? It is a good. This is. How much of this you're going to get into because now we get the back stories right or getting you kind of have more of a backstory with Daniel. I mean you're getting his back story of what we've missed for the last twenty years. Right? They're filling that in slowly with his family and what happened to Ali and all these things but we didn't have before was the previous backstory of Johnny. And I think he's It's an interesting question because I think you can't think of it in terms. Is it is it about bullying? Is it a protagonist antagonists? I think. It's Good intentions with unintended consequences, I I wouldn't characterize him as a bully. Per Se I think the true antagonise of the story of course is John crease. You know and. The real villain. He's the villain of the story and I think Johnny is an antagonised but I think what they've done with him in the series is phenomenal. You know with with the development of his character and I don't want to jump ahead too far. Because just trying to answer your question all at. Chris. Give his his perspective. In industry perspective, I do not think Daniel was a bully I think growing up in the eighties. If you got your ask it, you went home and let bygones be bygones. Daniel certainly couldn't leave well enough alone and up the ante. So again, protagonists antagonists I think I think every I. Think those both of those guys wear those hats at different times in the story back and forth It certainly makes for a good dynamic that thirty thirty, five years ago we didn't consider that but. At least stay with the back story now and and with the onion layers being peeled away. You. Get into it a little bit and we can understand the depth of what was going on. With with both of these kids back back then and the driving force behind Johnny and the driving force behind. Daniel. But also say that Johnny's recounting of the events is a little skewed. Well, he you know the heat. When he's recounting to Miguel you know to to to paint Daniel as the bad guy to Miguel. His students believe that Larusso is the bad guy. He's the bully. He's the one who picked on me. I mean. You know he failed to mention. Yeah. He failed to mention a few details of what he Of what happened in the movie you know he he he leaves out the parts where he was. Beating up on him and he doesn't mention at all. You know he he supposedly went over and talk nicely to Allie was trying to have a conversation which was clearly not what was what happened in the movie so Yes, it's his perspective but it definitely skewed from what we know of his actions. So it's it's interesting and that's a good thirty years thirty years we'll do that to you. Want. You Beers along the way. The course banquet. Those words. He's like for those of you don't know I call them Opie. That's his nickname. For the past twenty or so Chris her. What kind of course that and you text me? Banquet. No mountains turning colors on those bottles. No. Koi Now. Flip it to the twenty twenty series. WHO's the bully? In the new show..

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