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He said they kept going back on in back on it. And he said that so interesting I said, I didn't go back on because it was so good. You didn't want to ruin it. Right. Oh my goodness. I thought going on in a second time might like kill the experience because it was so special. Wow. It's surprised. They don't have that here. The avatar will they don't have an animal kingdom here. They do a whole thing there with we didn't do this. But they do a whole thing with a safari and there's animals there. They've sort of married. The idea of like the wild animal park in San Diego with Disney because you do tours and all that right? And they don't have fireworks at that park because of the animals, so they have this thing called the tree of life, which is in the middle of the park, which is huge gorgeous tree, and it's got very intricate carvings in it of all different animals, and we weren't there at night. But at night, they do like a color show on the trading. I've seen a video of it. It's very pretty, and then we left there and went to Hollywood studios, which is like our California adventure, tons of cool rights there. And and there's one ride that went upside down and cats like mom, it's ok because I don't like either. I'm like, well, why don't you go in that with Todd cocoa? And I will be over here. And she's like, it's okay. I'll go with him. And I go. No, it's okay. I'll take you. 'cause then I felt bad. Right. I'm like, no, no, I'll go. I said just explain the ride today. Go Go. how? How does it go upside down? Once is it like, a slow nauseating Lou. And he explained the right to me. 'cause you go upside down twice it's in the dark, but you don't really feel it almost it's it's an offense. But you don't really okay fine. I'm in and we did it was so fun. Oh, good. I wish I could remember the name of the right, but it's all just blended into one huge roller coaster brain damage moment for me. So we did that and we went through Hollywood park. And there was like fun things around. There were randomly videos and pictures, I'll post I haven't posted anything because I was waiting to talk about it. But the, and I'm sure there's so many things I forgot about like one point. There was random hula hoops on the ground. I don't know. So we picked up hula hoops that we're hula hooping for a little bit. It was so fun. And they didn't want to stop for lunch anywhere. So it was like pick up a Turkey leg. Pick up this pickup of that. Okay. Keep going keep going. I do love that had a lot of the parks. They have healthy options. There's fruit. I love the pickles. But there's fruit and there's like a homeless cop, and you know, all natural things. It's good. There wasn't all just fried. And no, I really feel like that they have options. But all right. So we did all of that. And then our plan was and it started pouring rain a couple of times during our trip. But one time we were at the animal kingdom. It was pouring rain. But for some reason a just all worked out like it was torrential raining, and we were running from one ride to another by the time. We got there. It was drizzling. So we went on anyway. And nothing got shut down. We've got very very lucky, and to be honest with you going through that many parks if there had been no cloud cover, and it was just heat too hot..

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