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Nine. I'm Becky Lynn. Here's our top story to Tempe. Police officers shot this afternoon responding to a domestic violence. Call KTAR's Mark Carlson is now live from Tempe where this is all unfolding, Mark. Becky Lynn, we're on mill avenue south of baseline road here in Tampa where this all is taking place in this all went down just a couple of hours ago when the female Tempe police officers were shot yellow crime tape is up across mill avenue. We can tell you that mill avenue is closed and likely will remain for some time as the investigation continues. We have citizens out roaming around trying to find out what's going on. Not a lot of questions are being answered at this time. Why from south Tampa Mark Carlson KTAR news as the president and first lady prepared to visit Pittsburgh his visit is being met with mixed reviews. ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. Well, there's one progressive Jewish group in Pittsburgh, saying the president's not welcome until he fully. Denounces white supremacy response to that the White House said, the president has repeatedly denounced bigotry and racism in all forms, and Sarah Sanders said the president is going to Pittsburgh to show support for the Jewish community. And she pointed out that the rabbi from the tree of life synagogue has said that he is welcome. The department of defense announcing five thousand troops will be at the southern border. By the end of the week the priorities to build up the border in Arizona, Texas and California right now thirty five hundred migrants are heading to the US border. Today's world stroke day, strokes, the first leading cause of disability and the fifth leading cause of death in America about two million nerve cells are lost forever in the brain for every minute. A stroke goes untreated. So we are heavily focused on stroke care. Dr Eric comes with mountain vista medical center says you can recognize signs of stroke by looking for loss of balance facial, droop or slurred speech..

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