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I'm jane metzler watches and warnings from delaware to main with tropical storm jose already kicking up surf and expected to cause flooding another big mess could be made by maria just upgraded to a categoryfour hurricane making tracks for the caribbean a major store targeting porter ricoh by the middle of the week fox meteorologist adam clot says maria could make a direct hit president trump giving a major speech at the un tomorrow but he already has a full schedule today fox's john decker has the latest live following his earlier bilateral meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu president trump met one on one with french president emmanuel macro he's doing it john lewis is respected fringe people the president's first address to the full un general assembly tomorrow will focus on north korea iran syria and combating radical islamic terrorism jane thanks john the white house firing back today at hollywood after the president was the target of jokes and pointed criticism at at last night's emmy awards but how many were watching boxes michelle pollino live from los angeles jane be fixing i've annual primetime emmys ended up grabbing eleven point thirty eight million viewers tying last year's which was the alltime low it marks the third straight decline for tvs big night and critics say that because of statements like this yeah.

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