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Those anything. Any biographies of the Backstories of them Wrestlers. Yeah, Yeah, I watched the first one, which was stone cold. And then I watched a bit of the macho man one which I thought was kind of Ah, drag and in a bit of a hit piece, but I haven't seen the other ones. Yeah. Booker T and Roddy Roddy. Yeah, the right around. The piper's a pretty good one. And look a teeth haven't last night. The old school rest. Yeah, Me too Rowdy. Roddy was my man. They're done Really? Well, it's good to see somebody outside of the W W We tell the story of the of those guys for sure. Last call Rad Dad. What's up? Hey, What's going on, John? What's up through, dude? What's up, Right, Dad? Or as I like to call you Red dead redemption been spent. Can we? Both men should've figured burnable. I know that. Uh, yeah, he did. He didn't. He didn't say anything about you. How'd that work out? I saw your up there. By the way, Just so you know, I saw what I saw Red dead was up there. That was rad. They've been laughing at that for about 45 minutes. Exactly. So you should've hung up. Why didn't Why didn't you tell me that? I had it wrong. What? We don't want to bother you. You're just not your thing going on. There was act, man. We don't bother you and your friends on the phone. Yeah, You've got your favorites, and we're not here to influence you. You put up there and tell me which ones to take, Man. Your show? Yeah. If you could just actually start putting little notes. Yes or actually, I know there's numbers there. But if you could just put new numbers Order that you think you should take them, right. Forget about 12345 and six. I want your priority on what calls to go to starting tomorrow. You're putting a lot of power in my hands. Well, you know you were taking it anyway. So might as well give it to you. Exactly. Yeah, just to be made there. All right. Hey, thanks. Everybody appreciated, Spencer. Thank you. John setting. Thank you. Sometimes. I like being held down, Joey Flash. Thank you. Appreciate you listening today, stick around for the soul brother Kevin Shelley back after Roger and JP. Tomorrow they follow my count.

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