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So the care coordinators are the ones who say here's a list okay your mom has a cat here's a list okay you'd like her to be near the ocean here's a list this is your price range here's a list so so hang on so you're telling me that because i have a long term care insurance policy you know all about i do as does janey so when genie goes into a nursing i got it it's a guy thing i could hire her a visiting angel you're could hire i would start with the claim and they claimed people would send ask you do you want wanna care coordinator come out the care coordinator does not work for an insurance company they're independent people in the community that no all the agencies including visiting angels i i'm not trying to do a commercial for visiting fellows contact visiting angels see we get some money out of them what are some of the other ones instead mom at home there's a bunch of them yeah weren't you're looking at buying one of those franchises once no i think you were suggesting that i think i suggested that you look at it it seemed like the right thing to do the wrong oh my gosh i'm sure they make a bunch of money i'm sure they're all owned by corporations for the most part so so the coordinator figures out of whether you stay at home the higher homecare go into a facility well that's actually determined oftentimes by the nature of the of the disability and and the nature of the level of care that you need so if you're able to be at home which seventy percent of the claims are at home and they want to be at home don't you want to be at home i'd rather be at home ritzcarlton well but you wanna be in your own bed with your friends your family pets your stuff you just want to be in familiar territory so with that said the longer you could stay there the better the care coordinator walks in the house and says okay if you're staying here we need grab bars in the shower we need a an alert system over here set up we need a hospital bed in the living room because you're not going up stairs i mean they do all that stuff and you actually have a budget for do they have the is their money available for the pat boone shower i see i know by the way met him once or twice a nice guy really really a nice guy love letters in the sand yes crush on advertises for one of those shower things that they pay for stuff like that long term care policies actually pay over and above the pool of money the designated for your care really so that is built in to ninety percent of the policy nobody buys this stuff i you know i i was just screaming at the tv last night saying when somebody going to talk about long term care insurance you guys this is the because lisbeth warren wants the government to pay personalities of the program what's her name collins saying the same thing she's a republican they were basically looking at all of the different you know this program and that program and i get it but the moral but obama already tried this yeah was so expensive i mean obamacare was through the roof to begin with the fun and when you throw longterm care and on top of it it's another quarter of a million dollars per senior or something like that and it's the funds are not there the government is not going to do it and i was thinking when you were talking about expenses earlier i mean when you when you need the care it's not just that you're paying for the care people say well i've got the resources i can do this well you know that's true if that's it but you still have all the other expenses you still have if your home you still have a light bill you still have the phone you still have you know whatever the household maintenance expenses are and then generally you got things like maybe ten fifteen thousand dollars a year of prescription costs that you didn't have before and oh by the way guess what happens when we get older our teeth go bed and have you seen a dental bill lately.

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