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An urban pie, then stay tuned for our reminder to put it in the oven. Sodas. Kickoff ready. Palermo's Pizza, Wisconsin's hometown pizza and proud partner of your Green Bay Packers. Where is your level of concern about this football game this afternoon, and I think you're concerned can lie in a couple of different areas. It could be playoff seeding. It could be injury related. It could be matchup related. There's a lot of different areas right Could see Packers fans just feeling the heebie jeebies about this game at 3 25, despite the fact that the Packers will be playing post season football, Let's go down to Rockford, Illinois, where the peaches grow lovely this time of year and talk to Tom Tom. You're on W C. M Chase opening drive. Yeah, I got two concerns. One is, uh, you remember Brian belong there used to be off. I don't know if you play the same position, but he was so injury prone. It was terrible. He's still playing on a team this year. Brian Malaga, Ryan Balog out of Iowa. Remember him? I remember Brian Blogger for sure issue charge right now. Yeah, He's a Los Angeles charger, but I think he was for quite some time. Bok Tower isn't It's on very unfortunate that happened if they play full, full steam in there Thursday. Practice you would think not know. And Tom like that. We appreciate the call Tom. And I think you know Matt before explain this in his availability late this week after the Bachtiar injury happen, that it was just a flukey thing, And sometimes that happens and it's unfortunate with knees, but, uh, you know, Matt before said it was nobody's fault. It was a non contact thing just kind of happened and terrible timing for the Green Bay Packers. Not just because you know you're calling up against the tremendous front seven with Khalil Mack and Akeem Hicks and Robert Quinn. And you know the list goes on and on and on today, But you know to have this happen and have to reshuffle your entire offensive line. Just ahead of the playoffs is not something that anybody wants to do. Let's take a look at some of these playoff seeding scenarios here. The easiest one for the Packers is very simple. Beat the Bears. You're the number one seed in the NFC. No questions. Asked. Now, if you somehow lose to the Chicago Bears, and we won't rule that out because the bears were playing for their playoff lives is well, let's just go through some hypotheticals. The Packers would still be the number one overall seed. If Seattle loses to San Francisco in Arizona this afternoon. Now, obviously, the Niners are playing those games in Phoenix because they've been outlawed from their own stadium. But San Francisco I mean, they're a team that's been banged up all year, but they've got George Piddle back now. That's a dangerous opponent for the Seattle Seahawks, not out of the room, a possibility that the Niners could knock off Seattle in week 17 here, the other situations that could happen for the green gold. If you lose and the Seahawks win, and the Saints won as well, this is the worst when the Packers drop all the way down to third, and that doesn't necessarily affect you as much in the first round because your first round opponents in the second or third, she would probably be the Rams without Jared Goff for the Bears again. But where you really run into trouble is in the second round, you may be forced with going to Seattle, which has been a house of horrors for the Packers. And then you know in the NFC championship game, going down to New Orleans to taking on Alvin Camaro and New Orleans offense that's really potent and then the defense that quite frankly, I think it's under talked about. It's one of the best defense is in the NFL that New Orleans has this year, so the road gets more difficult. Obviously, if you have to go on the road, The one other situation is that you know they could end up second if they lose. Seattle wins. And these saints lose to Carolina. That I believe is the least likely scenario today, So there's your run down for seating for the Packers. Could be one could be, too could be three. The easiest route. Just take care of business and told your field and you get a week off and you wait for your divisional round opponent at Lambeau Field that two weeks from today. Coming up next. The Bear's been playing a heck of a lot better since getting smoked at Lambeau Field Little over a month ago. What's been so.

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