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Singlish oh number of their beer can maybe come say her hilson lock up your kids no hesitation what her face looks like remember what her face looks like what you comes for your children fantastic and have to say one thing that was kind of slightly annoying just to me personally we never find what she was eating oh god you're so right about that that she was just sitting there in the corner with her husband or i don't know and it was very uncomfortable three guards they're not in the beginning they didn't not in the beginning now no it took a little while she she she texted someone and then they they showed up and those guys just kinda stood in front of her but it's not just christian nielsen this one of our producers he wants to be anonymous as i'm sure you johnny talk about this next show this madness has already started to directly affect my family because my wife works for cca a private company that has contract to handle detention otherwise known as the evil oh tae mesa detention facility here in san diego county in addition we have close family members in the cb p customs border patrol which is pretty common in our area for everyone the majority of illegals detained there are awaiting trial for crimes like rape ide theft murder drugs gang violence tetra not some port jobim's hollis that was just found to be undocumented hanging outside home depot ripped away from his family and there are no children house there regardless of the fake face bag video going around more to the point to came home after shift and told me about numerous death threats they received in post response to mr fonda call to action somewhere even nice enough to leave a callback number for the sheriff's antiterrorism unit to investigate as well as a number of people waiting outside the facility taking pictures of all the officers their personal vehicles and the facility protesters are nothing new to the facility but this kind of actions crossing a line the otane mesa facility is owned and operated by cca not ice even though the news reports differently everyone who works there is a regular citizen with a crappy job like most americans their personal information is not protected because they're not technically officers of the law so there's nothing legally protecting anyone that works there from these radical threats on a side note are wonderful nancy pelosi tour the facility day ago with entourage of hate who even went so far to talk down the church tappin saying oh yeah where in the bible that say to rip children from them others nice i wish we had audio that that would have been great so yes keep recorder around by the way if you have an android phone is called and recorder a very good product you can turn it on issue kiss an app you can turn it on and then when you when you go to android when you go back to the home screen where you do anything else the thing doesn't show back up so it doesn't look that you're ever recorded going somebody's smart the new at these look like when the apples running in the runs in the background fine so you can just get it going and then you can put in your pocket with the microphone up or any number ways you court i record conversations all the time volts negotiations we love behind ever said that a really so you can carry the only reason why we started recording this as a show is because you just can't say relate anyway oh really so you can get this is very free and it and then when you're done with your recording you you can go you have to actually dig the app you have to go to that little what you show the different windows hitch all the apps running you find it click on it open it up and then you have to stop it manual the other record for day doesn't use a lot of room i have recorded a lot of long things with it for my embassy guy so i like i've recorded entire bar trip in apart train from oakland is through all the way through san francisco to post at when one of the town of fit collection perations but all right i'm gonna stop you there because we get it record i'm done now this is not over by a long shot despite.

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