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As or or luck that made it that a possibility that maybe lie felt didn't have that but still canadian privilege oh man canadians yeah ah the ugly literally wind violators names reach i wanted like eleven mm-hmm start to get it for news articles about it'll it'll go reinvasion gonna have like a black batman okay and it just hit me you know what they're trying to wipe refined i'm gonna be aren't the ago was it that that that wasn't there that batman show the bat or gloves where did it on the floor it anti-drug thing too it's like look how crazy he's at battery going on on the attendance friend was like at school and he was all freaking out tokyo take a drink that's kinda kenya forgot your victory yeah that that's comics yeah so it would kind of took community that show ended because they're now they're just characters here go ahead with it was great that they made it still can it you know like okay all cannon across reloaded alert for slow in high school what are they putting attest union four burke for other unless the alumnis fascinating yeah no i think i think this book is on the way out because they are ignorant vibrant in had been in previous missions everything got got night long showed was that was that article a pet article they'll they'll mention the universe but you won't they had the picture of michael keaton on sayer i'm saying you can have you i'm sure they can use his picture but you're not going to get michael keaton himself on her i bet i love you never know might michael keaton he's a sport you know i mean he did birdman he did vulture visit as surprised me if you actually got a last second scene with a michelle pfeiffer and michael that would not shock me in the slightest out applaud it wouldn't surprise me there visit here's the thing you have to remember actors actually love cameos especially actors of a certain age because they know that a certain point that is your bread and butter is the candy they couldn't kim the old here now can you give me or not they can call it word right now we do it inch i'm just saying they could get rosenbaum they're going to get like gayton rosenbaum they need to answer now but they had nothing to offer i've dying and stuff like that that in there and not to not to be a horse that is no longer with us worse in different career stage for michael rosenbaum michael keaton michael keaton isn't worried about brand dilution at this point he's actually looking for can i get my i get my mug on something you know can i take slipping here going to be there have you this maybe that are shown a note either he just got divorced or he really needs they got about gambling habit who they are putting on appear sir and burke those are the only two people that do it for the love happened but if nothing else he was bolted movie in a in a co co funded picture from disney and sony so i mean there is either one of them going to be audited you're not gonna you know i don't oh actually i i thought they seem to be much more laid back about the stuff nowadays because we do see that you know marvel keeps on pulling DC people over so thank god rockies holding the one foot rule or the one part rule applies the thing you know minute a small family like saving movie so that kind of null and void the contract and take tourists are you know i think i think that quite frankly i'm not saying he's going to be in it i'm just saying surprised me to see him in it you know i i mean i'll be honest with you the most fascinating thing i find about this entire multiracial pingers how much of it seems to be engineered batman start so why why between that woman and burt ward and we wonder if that woman kind of heaven conroy storyline they're going to be telling me because oh hey you know bat woman we want to play this this this this show up so let's make her important in some way every door pirate technically i need that woman i'm sure they went to like give her a big put breath making a bad overs where you have to connect the bat sl- plus it plus for bruce winning her universe sousse oh yeah and it's the last season era too they wanna give stephen a mental big sendoff by lenin play with a batman maybe while there you go excuse me there's doing a lot of superman forget that man it's been what we're getting at least one that crash what was the third superman brandon it's in the supergirl to now events tyler on teamwork for team is where you should have stayed so yeah at least three super looks like a bathing compared to the other t. was crazy well innkeeper names like muscle hi everybody uses like ooh i'm just like ruby's boyfriend from seven hundred i'm sorry look they are i know hey lowest did you read the batmans grave number one now i wasn't i wasn't conscious power worker his lover can sure i just don't go into but then i decided to give it a try and it's like it's twelve issue series but it's like it's like a murderer jim warren ellis with bryan hitch art yeah i mean it looks great i mean it's it's like a murder mystery the batman seems have solved the mystery already at the end of the first issue i'm like already doing fuel that the tongue but no you know he knows killer is but i do prove it then you actually have batman worry about rules evidence for once i mean our being very yeah i mean i mean we're always complaining about we want detective that man i mean a lot of these issues him like going over the the like so franken time wrong is the flake no dealer person in here like basically with him as elfriede make pay us in now i mean it's again only the first issue so far i mean a lot of the issues him like going through the murder scene trying to piece together and like try to think through like try to see through the eyes of the victim and you know it did this because this this this you know the guy would come out and because this that you know for remember was when i said what people like if you want to see jonathan actually created universe probably by the books in what happened i'm just turn a little if you we we were talking superconductivity last week did you read superheroes millennium to last week i i wasn't bad i just i don't want him send jonathan ken to the future but i mean the way can we like we bought for the mood and the kid you don't just no you can't only on did you read superman sixteen yeah the now jonathan yeah i meets up with damian what the hell big now over richardson here where he's like sometimes he's old sometimes john we'll know allen bird honestly you went into space with allen you know tommy wind stuff happens and he comes back he's like seventeen okay so he's seventeen now is he seventeen in the legion of super heroes story too old sounds betas at the tween years the other the other leeches superheroes basically came back and they're like oh we back to the moment when the whole universal federation or whatever get started and you know we want you the hero who came up with the come with us and superman well i'm honored they're like no no no we don't want you want your son so did what oh leave superman they wanted his son i don't super boy was in allegiant one point yeah so i this is ben is trying to do a modern take instead of clark kent as a teenager it's his his son is teenage son now instead her own fantasy TV oh come titans from DVD's but i mean so ship and jonathan to the future love has car year ten going to be our modern day super boy then baking accent run our entrusted with vendors the maybe anonymously sent him something you say hey i don't want money from i'll say this much if you actually put i would love the future gone and in the superman issue he says gone into john he's like hey dave obamacare they have a bad person in the future he's like because all go yeah i think it'd be automated on let them i would love to see i would love to see daming comeback act like twenty six years old i'll booster gold out just to our judge and that would be awesome 's name just totally embraced the revenue i'm not i'm robin auburn robin costumes available duck boy now quing reborn good marble but great marvel oh yeah well is it he's here okay so bizarre was was a miles morales now this he's very much use joker so this is this is jeremiah joker is his take on joker but as a sort of split to face character it's the redwoods it's the it's the jason todd red hood mixed with the original joker at her and then this one is just davor so those are two bits of trista anyway wasn't maoz morales era fe man managing oh okay i yeah i think that they are not something special there and really yeah really enjoyed it just like their lives together like you know we don't really get enough of american compacts them it's kind of all just go get them tiger like kinda very worn five eight capanna fresh out for federer once i thought they had a spider man loves mary jane before cohen unaccepted i don't know if this is just one tap yeah versus like that burke okay i think this is the young kid very widely incorrect fi conroy the interest kind of situation makes marriage popular i don't care yeah yeah exactly the yeah you kind of it's kind of along the lines of we're why order novel the one you're talking about i never run weather years younger kids yes yeah kid the sometimes but i didn't think i would enjoy that man universe because it's like batman and time travel but i'm i'm kind of enjoying this controversy mary the lady thinking when i mean it's just but this issue is just basically that man how jordan and gerna hat the old west i federal savage the lead you need the lessons of tomorrow and after he got the idea fight lunar marvel guy over and he's he's putting in a lot of this low right exactly my beloved time travel even when they don't have time travel they time travel now he's watching legends of tomorrow it's okay because the job i had seen the while literally alleged monroe burkard those notable cowboy heroes are you i'd say are you know whatever they say keeps you can list your last couple years i'd say is the most well-known i'd say the movie you know the onion sure did bell i remember her like every now and then i have to persian that that it was better than constantly team bite me like i don't care it's going good it's what i'll say you know it was better than constantine the nicholas cage he's a lower kinda guy you'd be overweight me knowing wallace is very low calorie you know what i wanna see i'd rather see the trigger twins arm halloway like caregivers there there's a bridge land consumer charissa twenty clicks or other margaret army were you were talking about i don't know been talking wolf talk the batman i'm sure no one read powers of x number six ullmark grew also it was the last one but yeah i mean basically it's what we metag's like she's basically manipulating exterior oh she's you know she even thinks ourselves you know to say the meeting race i basically have to break this good man and make him you know were evil but she's confirming his nine jus just waiting yeah we're there well and she knows you know the the previous timelines she's lived through so so she he's she's like i can't see any other way to say the race other than the turn exuberant eat in the even more of a dish it wasn't short trip.

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