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The process of troubleshooting bugs can be tedious and inefficient four developers especially as they push more and more co two production the unlucky developer assigned to bug duty make it bombarded with air alerts and spend hours figuring out which airs to address first they might have to deal with logs to piece together what happened or even spin time reaching out to other engineers on their team for help bugs snag improves the task of troubleshooting errors by making it more enjoyable and less timeconsuming for example when an error occurs your team can get notified via slack see the diagnostic information on the error and identify the developer who committed the code bug snags integration with jira and other collaboration tools makes it easy to assign and track bugs as their fixed we have a special offer for software engineering daily listeners try all features free for sixty days at bug snagged dot com slash s e daily development teams can now iterative faster and improve software quality to get started go to www dot bugs snack dot com slash s e daily get up and running in three minutes airbnb lift and shop a fi all use bugs knack 2 monitor application errors try all features free for sixty days at bug snagged dot com slash s e daily thank you bugs neck for being a sponsor software engineering daily much agreemean boom boom boom boom boom find it funny that like so for example i use a mack as an added i look into the lead of the border what is it called that what's the thing that tells you what to running the activity growth yeah exactly activity monitor dog activity monitor and i'm looking at what is taking up all my cebu cycles in my memory and it's all were irs end electron apps and i'm sometimes wang like wire my on a mac again.

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