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Ladies and gentlemen especially edition of make it plain in these streets. We are at the white house. Today i am at the white house representing you with people for the american way and the league of women voters. They are initiating weekly. Or i should say bi weekly direct action biweekly civil disobedience to demand at the white house now not epicenter. We've been in the senate this summer. But at the white house to demand joe by do something to end the filibuster. No more excuses. People are getting tired of joe biden taking us for granted that's really was happening and so this is a diverse mixed group of people who are taking part in this league women voters so proud of them. You know people think believe when voters is only supposed to just have tea parties but as they say. This is not your grandmother's league of women voters anymore. We have some great activists in the person of virginia. Solomon she's going to be joining us on the show very soon and again. My friend been jealous with people for the american way. So we're working. We're getting this done. There's going to be civil disobedience. this is another week. We'll come back in a couple of weeks and do it again so we are here today. Being arrested we wanted to bring you as much live coverage as we could from the rally in front of the white house and the senate. There's only one way you get. And that's one of the president himself says you know what donald trump said when he wanted to pack the supreme court to just get it. Done the rules out the way you you run the rules that you fix the rules that you get it done. So we're saying. Hey joe the buster moscow's. Hey joe hang filibuster my skull but this movement as the presence of the league of women voters here reminds us today. This movement stands on the shoulders of the suffragettes. The last time to leaks predecessor organization was getting arrested out here. Woodrow wilson was. President and women's suffrage was the issue when the league of women voters are getting arrested outside your white house. You got a problem that you need to fix job on mr president and we also have men here who are trained trained by dr king and men who are trained by men who dr king and the kenyan tradition of clergy abrahama tradition christian jewish muslim. All here together women clergy. All here together was to movements. Have come to this place today to open us up in prayer. I would like to buy reverend doctor jamal bryant and rabbi david sapper stein former. Us ambassador for religious tolerance. Thank you oh it's about all is a close good and gracious god. Merciful master overseer of mercy and justice we need you to dispatch every available angel to be assigned to every representative who is a disruptor of democracy. I pray that you will give us the strength. And the fortitude not to be intimidated by the status quo but that you will help us to raise a standard for unborn generations. Please god let are marching singing demonstrating not be in vain but that we would in fact live to live by the harmony of our ancestors if we must help somebody as we pass along if we could cheer somebody with the word with the song then living will not be in vain. God please bless us as we stand on the shoulders of your general john lewis so that we understand throughout this notion that every vote matters at every vote counts got we stand today authentic patriots trying to make america the land of the free and the home of the brave a man. You know. I've known joe biden for forty years. Always life is fought for voting rights. He understands the consequences. It's vote which is why we expect him above all at this moment to stand up and to make its priority. Even amongst his other enormously important priorities this is the bedrock foundational right. And just keep in mind this. In the last time that the voting rights with reauthorized in two thousand and six it passed unanimously in a republican troll senate. It passed overwhelmingly in a house with signed proudly by a republican president. How the mighty of full in the bible more that we more as we see republican on a legislatures across the country and governance taking away the right to vote and as we see the republican senators in the senate acting to bar legislation that will protect rights in the face of injustice. We hear god's call to us. God is saying to us p my agents here on earth for peace entrust this everywhere and we stand here to demand at the bedrock foundational right of american democracy. The right to vote be made real god. We thank you for the call to be your partner. It's in creating it's and we work in. Its work knowing that at this moment. We're the ones that god has been waiting for. Thank you rabbi. Thank you rob. 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Tcp make sure to use our euro and let the know we sent you bring up the esteemed the fearless president of the league of women voters ms virginia case. Solomon my name is virginia case on. I'm on. I'm the ceo of the league of women voters in the united states. We are here today. We are here because the president made a promise on his campaign trail. He said that voting rights was his number one priority number one. It's been nine months almost ten months and.

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