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Sports radio eighteen years ago yesterday Allen Iverson practice rant did occur we talkin about practice I'm sitting here I'm supposed to be a franchise player and we in here talking about practice Hey I took to Twitter yesterday and said it we talkin about practicing social distancing hash tag stay home hash tag stay safe what's your view practice rant from Allen Iverson eighteen years ago yesterday anybody tell you that I miss Braggs if if if they will close their is practiced yeah I hear it then that's that I mean I might have missed one practice digi but if if somebody say he doesn't come to practice it can be one practice at all practices this year that's enough if I came frags I came brags ma'am I'm hurt I'm hurt I mean symbol is that it in about a day ms it's not about that at all you know Sammy but is is is is easy to do the talk about is easy to sum it up we just talk about practice we seen here are supposed to be a franchise player and we in here talking about practice I mean it isn't we talkin about practice not a game not a game not a game we talkin about practice not a game not at not at not the game that I go out there and and daft for and play every game like it's my last not the game we're talking about practice meant Billy king who co hosts the W. I. P. morning show a few days a week with Angelo Cataldi was the general manager of the Sixers at the time for people that don't know the background of that story brown Larry brown the whole thing coach Allen Iverson refuting and Allen Iverson was fearing that he was gonna get traded so what ended up happening was Billy king meets with Allen Iverson and Larry brown they end up clearing the air and from a marketing standpoint Billy king thought it was a good idea to have a press conference so that press conference happens and yesterday and they had the meeting it was I guess we on rose was the agent of Allen Iverson and so he was there too and Larry brown and and Billy king of A. I. they'll have this meeting and they say okay we're gonna have a press conference while that press conference is going on Billy king share this story yesterday that he got a phone call from the late ed Snider who at the time obviously is the Comcast Spectacor chairman and he's basis and what the heck is going on with this press conference and Billy king said quote I'm thinking I made a big mistake king said it was in the rumor Iverson's press conference is happening to you in the room an ed Snider calls him and says what's going on and while this rate does going on Billy king is on the phone probably whispering in the back corner ran at a press conference room and said Hey I'm sorry I quit it's my fault I quit so caring literally resigned in the press conference and then they obviously did not have Billy king actually reside what a wild story it got me thinking about my favorite rants here are some of them will play some of that audio right now here is one of the more iconic ones Jim Moret going off in his playoff rent and that was a disgraceful performance in my opinion we threw that game we gave it away by doing that we gave them the brigand gang in my opinion that sucked what's that the White House we'll talk about playoffs you can make playoffs I just hope we can win a game there's also another classic Jim Morris senior rant where he talks about like delete PO here is Dan Hawkins this actually may maybe be my favorite one ever Dan Hawkins at the time was the head coach of Colorado and he got a note from a parent any sounded off about one football some guys might decide did little to stop for a little too hard.

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