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The mark Blazer show. Mhm. Yes, yes. Hey, Welcome in. Thanks for listening Mark blazer with just cease. Well, this is interesting. There is a New Zealand mother. Who named her three Children. Are you ready for this? He named her She named her three Children, Metallica, Slayer and Pantera. Yeah, this is a real story. This is real. This mom named her three Children, Metallica, Slayer and Pantera. And they're calling her an unidentified woman at this point. Um, and I'm not sure exactly why. Why would she be a unidentified as she the is she? Is She ashamed of me? What? Why wouldn't you want people? I already? Yeah. Yeah, She's um She's proud to report this, I guess, but then she's remaining unidentified at this point. Yeah. Metallica, Sophie, you just can't get what you want. I know it's sad but true. See, I knew you were going to go there. I knew you were going to start using the title. Pantera. Marie, You show me and your father. Some re spect. Come on now. Walk to your room. Wow. Yeah. What did you say? Oh, God. It's too good man. It is good. I love it. It is. I can't believe that they would allow that. I don't think that would Would that fly in the United States and a court? What? Metallica Slayer and Pantera. Their names. Sure like it. Why wouldn't it? What? Because they're copyrighted names. I guess, man copyrighted names. Yeah, because I'm pretty sure Metallica's lawyers would be all over that. Maybe I don't know. Well, I don't know how it works in New Zealand, but You know what? Let's bring in attorney Steve Palmer. Who's on Hey, Steve. Welcome in, man. How are you? Hey, man, How's it going? Good. You're going. Wait. What did I walk into here? We were just kind of talking about this New Zealand mom, She names her kids, Metallica, Slayer and Pantera. Since those are copyright, you're not a copyright attorney. I mean, I don't know. I mean, is that something you can actually do, or the bands could go? No, You can't use those names for your kid. I don't know how they stop you, though. Yeah. Look, I don't know how they would stop you and I don't know how they would force a name change. But either way, hats off to her because that's awesome. I love it, man. That's so It's so funny. Um Hey, I I I sent this to you a little bit ago, and we were talking about it, but I'm interested in is so interested. I need to talk to you about it first. What's going on with the tattoo? Five. The former Ohio State players. That are requesting the 2010 wins reinstated in an open letter to the N C double a Now we know that you know recently, the name image Likeness thing is happening with the N C. Double A So in light of that These guys as they call themselves the tattoo five and they're asking that their winds be reinstated from the 2010 season and we all know the season was a great one for the Buckeyes. But you know, Josh brings up a great point when we were talking about a little bit ago. Steve is that they traded for those tattoos. They traded gold pants and, um I don't know that it falls under name, image likeness for starters, and then on top of that, Good Lord. It was 11 years ago, so I don't know if you have any thoughts on this. I know I kind of sprung it on you, but I was just curious to get your take on it. Yeah, Yeah, sure. Your your analysis is dead on man. I agree with you that first of all, it's not really a name, image likeness thing. I think what they're doing sort of saying, Look Stuff is becoming legal. We we were doing no different than what people are doing even after us and now it's going to be all it's all going to be fair game anyway. So reinstate our winds. I think that belies a couple things. I think first of all, so that the suspension was about more than just, uh, their their name, image likeness, As as you said, And then you know, you always have to look at this. Like the rules and the rules in place at the time were what they are. You can't go back and just erase that so If you open up that Pandora's box, you're really opening up every single disciplinary action that was even remotely related to that, and we're going to go back and undo it all. You know that would disrupt the time space continuum. You can't do it. Well and then you also you start getting into where people Maybe they get busted for pot or some sort of drug that has become legal in a certain state. Can you get the record expunged? I mean, you know what I mean. And I know this might be big time, apples and oranges here, but I think that's kind of their thinking. With with regard to this, But here's the other part of this, Steve, You can't think for two seconds that these five guys Terrelle Pryor, Devier Posey, Boom Herron, Mike Adams and Solomon Thomas don't have Some really, really legal savvy friends and or attorneys, even at their disposal. Who would say you guys are wasting your time You're wasting your breath. You might get a little flash into whatever right now for whatever that's worth, but you would have to think that somebody has given them some direction said You guys are wasting time here, man. Yeah, I would think so. But what do they really have been answered here. I mean, it's not like it took much to have an open letter to the double. Ah, and, uh, why not just make a statement or a point about it? That look, this was stupid back then. And now we're sort of legalizing all this. It shouldn't have happened. This is really what they're saying. And then you know what? I don't think you're very far field at all. In your analogy to marijuana laws or any other laws. The change The issue in in the legal field is called whether it should apply retroactively. If something changes does everybody before the change, get the benefit of that change and again. There's some specific rules in constitutional law that dictate how that works, and it doesn't just turn back the clock unless the General Assembly of the legislative branch actually says it does. And release is everybody or gets everybody's record cleaned up..

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