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The what you yourself mind body and spirit so i need to sign up for that eat fit dine out week is really going to be a celebration of our partners and we just encourage people to go out and support our partners. I don't have the dates on me but would be on the lookout for that. If you are a restaurant or you know your favorite russian you would love to see. Have eat fit options reach out Let us know you can send an email to g mail dot com and Y- we're we're excited to be out in the community. thank you for having. Oh about kwan's thank you. You're delightful and very inspirational in. It's it's time for us. I think we've had a year. It's like a lost year. Almost we can start fresh anytime. We can start fresh and intimidated. Is it comes back to taking it one day at a time and remembering why it's important and if you go beyond the the weight and the calories okay you remember. Why is this important because of the people you love. I mean because as a dietitian i had that personal shift of why my work was important. Probably back in two thousand ten of just helping people lose weight. That's is not fulfilling enough but helping people take care of themselves so they can live well so they can take care of their grandchildren. Take care their parents show up for work. I can show up to work for that every day. And so you find. Why is eating healthy important. When you shake change that shift that you have more energy for your work for your family. You're not as snappy with your kids that becomes why it's easier to make this healthier isis and on that note. I'd like to dedicate this show to my parents Who have been going aluna's whitehead. But they both died from diabetes. Complications heart disease amputations and it was all related to their physical body. Just couldn't keep up with the demands that have been put on it and i. It's it's motivated me throughout my life. But i think i've had to learn and grow to to make healthy choices really for myself to be mindful you you and other people with eat certainly inspire us. Thank you about quantum appreciate here like to thank our sponsors also who made this show possible first iberia which is now a part of first horizon an oscar. Lafayette general. I haven't even told them we're doing this. I just wanted to hell on the show. Yes in of course last. But not least raider and jason sikora and make it sound.

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