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Whether it's Christmas or Labor day or, in this case, honoring our war dead for Memorial Day. It's important to take a couple minutes out. I think anyway, and real sort it the very least reflect on that. We have got something coming up in about 10 minutes at least, McLean at Arlington Memorial Gardens, which right off the Reagan The street address. I'm not quite sure I'll ask her about it anyway. There's something cool going on there that you may want to check out. She's on the show and about 10. As I said on 700 wlw later on, 11 35. This is gonna be interesting. And I want to. I want to emphasize this. I have Congressman Brad went Strip, MD on the show now. Been talking about the scientists that have published a letter. Have called for an investigation of the origins of covert 19. And why that's important is this. There's got to be accountability for this. Initially in the early stages, we thought, OK, did it leak out of the lab? Did it come out of the Wuhan wet market? What was the source of covert 19? We knew this was coming for about 15 years. There's gonna be another SARS variant that's going to be extremely deadly, virulent and turned into a pandemic. We've been talking about the superbug for years. Well, it finally came. Nothing new there. There was a theory that it came out of the Wuhan virology lab. And that was shot down almost immediately, and a lot of credible news sources and also scientists and yet probably didn't come. It looks like camping this wet market. Um, you probably heard that said, Okay, That's fair. On Now we're hearing well. Those initial theories that were shot down is misinformation and miss Truth and lies and inaccuracies now look like they may have some validity. Some validity. It's important look at all these factors. Whether it's a frozen food or the Wuhan market or the white market or a virology lab. Let's just find out where it came from. How about that? It's awfully tough to do when you're dealing with the Chinese Communist Party is, you know? Anyway. Where Wednesday comes and I was talking about this is really interesting. He has been and I remember talking about it a year ago. He's been really, really involved in doing research as a doctor. In talking to people inside mainland China to try and figure this thing out. And he said, You know, this is something we've been talking about for a year and we've been dismissed his cooks and nuts and now well to show you how much evidence there is Facebook. Just announced that you are allowed to discuss without censorship. Fear of dilation or ostrich are being ostracized. The theory that this emanated from the lab and not the not the wet market. I think that says a lot for me and you whore aren't scientists. That if Facebook initially said, Well, this is information we know it came from a wet market, and now they're coming back and going well, we don't know. I think that speaks volumes. And what represented Wes Tripp is going to tell you is all the information all the data, all the research that he's gathered before This whole story came out and probably take somewhat of a lap and say, Hey, listen, no one's been listening me they've been dismissing. It is a right wing cook for a year now, and it looks like We had the evidence all along. So what does this do? Well, what it does is, it shows you how malicious the Chinese government is. And how they mishandled the situation. And then, of course, when you kill in America 20,000 people And get another million plus sick, bring her economy to a screeching halt. I think that goes to show you there's there's some. There's some negligence there. Some may say negligent manslaughter. Maybe Look at this. Look with this country that when we lost 3000 people on 9 11, How did we react? We've lost 20,000 now in a year. Shouldn't there be some sort of repercussions? I would think so. And I think there's a couple reasons there. Why we're not lashing back out of the Chinese Communist Party, and probably one of the bigger ones is and has to do the issue of political correctness. And if you criticize the Chinese and say, Well, you know they're malicious citizen. It's going to denigrate a race of people and God knows you can't have that. So you know, we're worried about racism, which is, which is a really big deal. I mean the attacks on Asian Americans in this country. It's horrific. Terrific. But does that mean then you? Ah, you avoid discussing the facts and truth out. 20,000 people died because you're afraid there's gonna be some backlash against people who have immigrated from this country and you wonder why they came here to get away from that noise. We doing this simply because it's politically correct. Are we ignoring the facts? Because well, it's going to make people look bad who don't look like us. That's insane. Anyway, Brad Wind strip is here. 11 35. If you're around, check it out. If not, you can always catch it on the podcast and on demand on the I heart radio app With that quick time out, we'll get back into the reason why we have a three day weekend has to do With Memorial Day in our war Dead and Lisa McClane is on from Arlington Memorial Gardens. They have, like 800 flags up there runs really, really cool and how it could be a part of it just ahead on $700 Liberty, Scotland to friending. Now,.

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