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Did you see him at the cool? So that's that. I thought raw this week. The thing about raw, that kind of I thought was interesting in the big picture was the fact that the show closing segment involved the almost you won't say the alumni, but certainly the vets right Sean, undertaker Kane, AAA ch, and the bigger guys left for the Duke and the fan favorites. I guess you're going to say probably so we're left laying. I like Lee show the definitive scenario to examine. I used to always cowboy locked to book. These things were here fighting and I'd be screaming a bust my gutten you know veins often, but we'd never resolved anything that episode and his theory was, and it's not a bad theory didn't work. It did work though, tune Beck in next week to see what happened and you say, well, that will work today. It won't work today because golf the air, it'll be on Twitter social media. It wasn't such a thing then. So there's then I thought the those guys that was stood up to show how the positioning of the of was. And does this say to some of you that the WWE believes that that talent collectively are over more than any other entity on raw, they closed the show is the go home show before a massive money show this weekend and Australia. All Ballo boxer checked. Are some of the younger guys, they're they're fighting their ass off to get over just not quite getting over the top of the tough tough. The mountain yet may feel that way. I know that based on the television writings writings on Monday night were not good. So something as turn coffee. And of course, all that brings us to this weekend, Melbourne, Cricket, grounds, Melbourne, Australia, live the WW network five in the morning on the east coast five in the morning on east coast four AM where I live in Oklahoma. So check it out. Becky Charlotte, rematch big environment, stage Vic stadium, big opportunity, AJ and Samoa. Joe. Great storytelling, personally shoe, big crowd. They're digging it. So the hardest thing of the night may be. The last match whose closed that show. It's gonna be a long show. The end of the night on thinking is got to be take her triple h. That's how book it. 'cause you got Sean out there to get Kane out there. The mayor, you know, come on big time. So we'll see goes interesting, big picture. Look though of the order of events. What kicks off the show and what ends the show to real important tent poles technique it. And then everybody's still kinda chatting about the Saudi Arabia crown jewel event that's coming up in November. The triple threats of already signed that. Stroman listener and the chant Roman reigns. So, and I mentioned this only show last week. I don't know. I would look for, you know, quote, unquote traction. But if you're going to try to though one more big caveat on that card to very impressionable, eighties, nineties, influence, decision-makers in Saudi Arabia. Why wouldn't you have hulk HOGAN there. So to me just sent make sense that you'd figure way to have HOGAN on the card. Let the folks seem the group idolizing him in that part of the world. Does it play in all parts of the world? Hell I don't know. I don't know. But I think it would be a massive hit with great publicity and Bill great anticipation in Saudi Arabia at the hawks was on the card. And that ladies and gentlemen, it's what's on my mind. As just a dress AJ styles. Samoa Joseph in the better stories told in w for a long time, not real wild about the home invasion stuff. God, I am all about the physicality, the storytelling, the passion, and the realism that they have said many times, AJ styles art with the best entering performer in the business bell to bell. And he's also a major star sore other areas, including the fact that he's the cover boy of WW two k. nineteen the deluxe edition and for those that may not know you can preorder the deluxe edition now at WWE dot k. dot com. Got that WWE dot to k. dot com..

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