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Saeko? I mean, it's just startling, right? I mean, sadly kind of used to bad news, but Sometimes it's worse than others. I guess not to compare things, but I mean something just hit home more than other ones. And this one really hit home and Sekou Smith, Mark Spears were guys that were super nice to me when I was just starting this business doing a nightly radio show on On serious Sanga was just serious, not Sirius XM On black, Shawn said. They didn't have the even answer our texts and emails. And yet they answered quickly and 99 hours of the time. They said Yes. And then when they came on They were awesome. I mean, sake, who was just Ah, super super guy, and it sucked to read this yesterday. Um, and it was sad but also, you know, uplifting to read all of the people remembering him so well, but I mean, 48 husband, Dad, and it's just It shouldn't be like this. Yeah, I know. I felt the same way. So we'll always remember Saeko around here on the show, No doubt about it. He was awesome for us. He was absolutely awesome. That said, That's a big loss for the sports world Sports Media World NBA world and for our world, no doubt about it. We got headlines this morning. Where do we begin with the headlines? Guys. It's not Curt Schilling, not Barry Bonds, not Roger Clemens, not Scott Rolen. Nobody elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday. And since covert kept the Veterans Committee from picking someone last month, there are no New Hall of Famers. For the first time since 1968 years ago, writers didn't elect anyone. But at least that year, There were veteran committee choices. Shilling missing Cooperstown by just 16 votes see then as to be removed from next year's balance. Preferring to wait for that Veterans committee to consider his resume. Instead, Bonds and Clemens finishing with less than 62% of the vote, they have one year left on this main ballot. JT real mood, So remains a Philly After all, the All Star catcher expected to re sign five years $115 million. That annual average value of 23.1 mil is a record for a catcher, just more than what Joe Mauer once got from the Twins. The Blue Jays were signing former A's infielder Marcus Simeon, and the Twins at all World shortstop Andrelton Simmons. Heisman winner Devante Smith chose not to weigh in yesterday at the Senior Bowl. He wants to wait for Alabama's pro day but this is fueling concerns. That he is under the 611 75 that the tide list him at Dolphin's head coach Brian Flores does not care. Good players are good players. Good players can I think I think we all can see that this guy's a very good player made a lot of plays in college made a lot of plays and the big game's biggest game to feel his opinion is important. Because Smith says he into its hunger by Loa have talked about a reunion in Miami. The Finns could use the third pick on Smith. Now that I don't think they have to use the third pick right. He probably go later than that. I'm trying to think what's the other part that they get? Do you think you could go that high five. He's a top five project. I mean, he's Mel Kiper just pulled it up, has a man number two of the Jets. Yeah, He's not getting out of the top sheet. I would say I thought I saw Mark yesterday that had a bit like 10. The Dolphins pick a number 18. So they got number three number 18, so he doesn't fall the 18. I wouldn't assume What would you use the number three pick on him. Maybe I don't think he goes to the Jets number two, though, And remember, there's no combine this year, just all these pro days and personal workouts. So we won't have the hysteria of combine risers or Fuller's this year, either, although that that did also remind that the Vontae Smith and people Lottie now both have something in common. They won't get on a scale in front of people. Now. It's you know, under seal. Why you just come out of left field consistently and try to drop elbows on belies a reason for it. It was too cute up on a tee not to take the shot. He be made a reference that Devante Smith not want to get on scale, but I can't let it pass the Listen. There's no I can't let it pass. I gotta cue it up in and out of the park. And it's just not a shot. He is never directed. There's like a three minute preamble there. Rush Sports day and then o. P s, by the way people with himself. I mean, look, we all this is in a very said showing a lot of ways. We're just on a and save Christmas. I'm trying to live, but we got to spice this up a little bit here. He will get on a scale in front of people. Neither will divide they Smith. The joke. Was there a cute it up. Thanks for spicing it up. We appreciate it. Yeah. Yeah, I really needed that wrong. I mean, you could could you just talked about all the papa Gino's that Eli pounded yesterday? This happened yesterday. Birth Dog party. He had a good time. He won't get on the scale today, either. You know, he gave them Wait. How much did you spend on that? Overall? It ended up the tab in the coming $113. Just, uh, that was 55. Yeah, And then there was taxes. And then I didn't realize that didn't include his actual daycare price, And then I had to tip them on top of it. So the grand total ended up being more money that I pay for my daughter's Day, Carol Week and then Eli and all of his friends wanted tickets for the skee ball. And so they had to play that not jobs before you know it, you know, a party for five dog suddenly goes crazy. You're at 113 Bucks later yesterday more as through a third birthday for Eli. Now, this was no parents allowed. No humans allowed just the doggy day care center and all of his friends. They had puppet chinos, which is a fraud, reading a frothy type of mix made by Starbucks that they could nose around in. They had snow pause. What do you call that? The A school for the garage. He paused. The A frosty paws ice cream. He had some party favors and pictures. Some birthday. Some birthday butts to sniff. That was pretty exciting for them..

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