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John Hewitt, w w j. Newsradio nine fifty October. Of course, the time for all things. Spooky and scary. But how scary is too scary for young kids w w j health reporter, Dr Deanna light says more every child is different. When it comes to what's scary. And what's not family health expert? Dr NIA VS says whether it's costumes movies or haunted houses parents need to know what their child is afraid of you know, your own child better than anybody. Most of the time by the time, they reach school age, they know how to separate fiction from reality so up until then you should be very guarded in what they see in terms of Halloween. It's also important to be sensitive to children who have recently experienced a death in the family or the death of a pet because signs and symbols associated with death. Can be extra scary to them during this time from the delta dental health desk. Dr Deanna lights, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty recall. Call involving fettuccine Shelby township oral cheese says out of an abundance of caution. They're pulling all of their products off the shelves after not following labeling requirements for raw milk cheese. No illnesses have been reported couple thousand restaurateurs and managers are at the suburban collection showplace in Novi Michigan restaurant show, which is in its fifty first year. Justin Winslow president, Dan CEO. The Michigan restaurant association says it'll be three hundred exhibitors and several chefs with displays he says Detroit is really received international acclaim lately. And you're going to see that on display here at the show this year. We have an entire stage set up to Detroit bay chefs are showing off their wares, petro Drakopoulos, Mexico hardy, the butcher for a prime and proper a great Detroit restaurant. Walter Applebaum will be here as well. Fabricating an entire pig dot com. If you if you get a screaming stomach, but it should be something to see the Evatt goes on today. And tomorrow w w j news time six. Thirteen. You've got some baseball playoffs. American League underway right now national later on sports coming up next. Yeah. We sorta stopped paying attention and racked up a lot of. Yeah. It was stressful. He blamed me for my credit card debt, and I blamed him for building that man cave. It's awesome..

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