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So right now the state in New Jersey were doing two projects it's a customer aboard a form with decent size for males that's in Monroe New Jersey I'm also looking at another project in Lambertville New Jersey or gentleman's wife just wanna nice home what about Nick to properly so both in both instances they're cutting their homes they're kind of bold they're redoing so we looked at their projects with them before they go to their houses we recommend that a lot of things to them number two one and this is where kinda gets scary if you don't understand solar and how you get your money back and how it works so in both of these projects they need a new heating knew everything so it's the best way I can kind of explain this of the average solar systems thirty forty thousand dollars whatever whatever it is so the average solar home system usually pays itself anywhere five to six four to five five to six years somewhere in that area you know it pays it off so in that same area it's gonna pay itself off there I don't care what job as your return on your investments over twenty percent usually twenty to twenty five percent in that area so pending on your roof pitch and things like that so your system I think it's forty thousand dollars I come into your house I look at your home or your building and I and I and I'll recommend what heating you Dale by the way I work closely with companies like Ferguson where they do calculations he lost calculations for your all we also work with their manufacturers and where I'm getting it more people think I'm a little crazy enough says we now install your whole house electric you so these guys have a lot of land they have projects or whatever so now this is the scary part so now I just tripled your electric maybe maybe even more so maybe you're forty thousand dollars system one of two hundred fifty thousand dollars or two hundred thousand dollars people know this is unheard of this is not why would you do that so when I do these projects you still get paid visitors multipliers involved you still get the whole thing paid because went up in this big dollar amount give all my god it's politics a hundred years paid off it still gets paid off in the five to six years it still gets you the twenty to twenty five percent return and this is the thing when people customer after customer mine are signing up to do the whole package of their home or whatever they're doing which heating hot water heaters and everything else that we do and lighting and light everything else you know but but goes on but this is the most important thing so in twenty five years in the average solar system you make a hundred thousand dollars if you do our way a hundred fifty thousand if we doubled or tripled your system slice you're still getting your money back the same you're still getting the same return but in twenty five years now you're getting three hundred thousand dollars or four hundred thousand dollars back so we're educating you on how to do your whole project you're all home or building we do this with commercial buildings though and we were if you're actually getting your whole project renovated re done the more electricity that you do the more money you're gonna make a switch if it does skil upset just because the cost of that project goes up people get sticker shot they look right that you know it's twenty or thirty or forty fifty sixty seventy thousand dollars I can't afford that I'm never gonna make my money back but as the system's size goes up the pay off stays the pay backs are all the same the returns of the same so now people look at the phone my god you know Eric talks about his health and he talks about his son's college that think about this Megan five six hundred thousand dollars back on the house four hundred thousand three hundred thousand dollars so it's like huge directive to really on by the way farmers they have they have of propane heat I mean you can not beat this as a farmer get rid of that propane heat something real important to understand too so you get this that the house one of the homes are doing is about forty five hundred square feet so his average utility bills his utility notices electric and scales combine high around ten thousand dollars a year on this this kind of property by the way we got it we we show room we have the manufacturers of people what insulation all kinds of products that were tell them but but when we do this your so if we save you ten thousand dollars in one year so leasing you lose money you can sell your house people realtors run from your house because its lease the values your house is nine thousand scams and nine thousand ways to rip you off once again I challenge anyone else guys any the giants of the small guys tell me or the leasing company please come on my show everybody tells me you're gonna sue me anyway so please come on but anyway so now five saves you ten thousand dollars on your house where you're leasing you can't sell it now I put ten thousands of saving your house in one year's worth one hundred thousand dollars more if you have less of like Tricity and utilities increase which they always though say in ten years from now your house is now worth two hundred thousand dollars more because you have a house with no electricity and no gas whether I have a lot of people for their kids or for their parents were gutting their places and redoing their whole projects for them because they don't want their kids ever to have an electric or gas bill I have people talking to me just the other day while we're doing your way for one reason we love New Jersey and if we didn't do this were retiring in four years we're getting our self wind up because we don't wanna leave we don't we can't afford the taxes but we don't want to leave so if you get caught our utilities down it'll it'll break ourselves even and we can stay in the state but either way you're making money and it's we're we're explain you something that they don't even want to talk about by the way solar guys are fly by night the big companies to me are fly by night the way they do their work you're in for the quick Buck and they get out my way I don't make as much money when you order me the happiest person in the world I got customer after customer us is showing your before the show on my cell phone like every day or two or three people Hey five years from now Hey Ron I'm still I may pay twenty eight cents from my son or a dollar bill we will mobile my really appreciate what you did for us and how you check our systems an online no one in the industry does what I do yeah I have to tell you that first time that I am it was the month right after you installed my system and I got that electric bill from the utility company and it was zero it was an amazing experience it was that was when I really.

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