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Flame out of it's very very tall funnel this paddle wheeler very very watt almost like this black crab pulling this mighty ghostly likes ship behind it think of all the the more detail and the colors the turner could have put in to the temporary self the this mammoth battleship from previous generations being towed by this squad what little tugboat but he doesn't he gives it almost sort of a a a monotone effect with just very pale colors in obviously it's an oil on canvas but making it seem more ethereal coming out of the background along the very very calm of our river thames and as usual turner will put in some kind of a marker to bring us into the painting he does this sort of like with a bully that's there on the far right of the painting if you're listening in on the computer you've got the image up it's a beautiful beautiful pain and you can see that the that dui there you can see the reflection of the setting sun all over the all over the surface of of the water above the bully is that fabulous impostor meaning the thickness of the paint that turner apply to the canvas to show that setting sun it almost looks like one of those an old globe for instance or or an old the a map showing china in the far east and in tibet particularly we've got the incredible mountains eke out if you rub your finger over you can actually feel just the ridges of it this actually looks like it's a it's a map of of of those of the mountains or the himalayas where you could if you rub your finger of the surface of this painting you'd be able to see it feel how much paint turner loaded on the canvas in that area the importance of the idea of the days of this type of ship of this battleship hero that it was are now over also the days of sale are now number there's so this real this one pay penny could show to all of us the genius of joseph mala turner there's so much here it's like somebody writing a great novel or a great play there are so many layers of meaning in this that he does put in all these attributes of the passage of time in of death and also of rebirth that this.

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