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Span to the historic second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump Watch complete coverage from this week's opening arguments to the Senate vote to acquit or convict Follow it all. On C Span to online is c span dot org's or on the free C SPAN. Radio AB. Sports Now until you busy news radio heroines are back in game action. Tonight, they'll be in New York, taking on the Rangers at seven o'clock. And with the bees losing several players on the blue line this past offseason, head coach Bruce Cassidy was asked today if his defenseman are playing as well as he hoped this season. Yeah, I think they've been solid. I'm not surprised because we We thought this through in the off season and where their guys were at who their partners would be. And again I go back to, um Miller as well his health he's been able to be a good solid partner for the borough. So that was part of the thinking as well. And after going to win three on their five game West Coast Road trip, the Celtics are off today. They'll host the Raptor tomorrow night at 7 30. Brian Antonelli WBZ Boston's news radio. That's 6 43 time, once again for traffic and weather together. Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes Trying to leave town right now is not easy, Mike. Just a struggle on 93 north here, Nicole Yeah, it is crawling out of the O'Neill tunnel onto the second bridge onto the upper deck. Ah, crashed by Sullivan Square just cleared couple of minutes ago. So all lanes have reopened there, but again delays. Reach back into the tunnel. They'll reach back on the delivery down ramp on the Storrow Drive. Not quite back to the Longfellow Bridge, but it is really jammed up here coming into those lights at Lefferts Circle. Now else we're up to the North Won 28 South is backed up in Burlington. This is a crash on the exit for Ruth, three North. That's typical spot for crashes there. Be careful, exiting onto three north from 1 28. Ellsworth to the South. Things are good with the expressway Route three, which runs along the South Shore routes. 24 95 South are both fine coming down from 1, 28 and 93, then west of the city. The outer edge of 4 95 is good, and so is the mass turnpike as well..

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