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I mean we thought way had access the munches the city. Now we'll see we never about the money and The impact that's had that training facilities were incredible. Very kind gentleman. Sam ariff cornish loud actually. Who's forgive me to get. His full title is along. The performance sports science aspect he used to be at spurs. He showed us round the training facility. A couple of august ago and it was incredible wherever it was. Just the fiber pitches. The amount of pitch is even a pitch that was designed so it was out of the wind they could practice specific drills. The indoor pitches the physio rooms the recovery. The underwater treadmills altitude changes to improve recovery. It was really really very impressive before we get into some of the specifics of things that you bring up in the book. I'd love if you could just give kind of brief overview or history of sports science in this country. Because i think we you know it's commonly known that english teams weren't that into it until arson finger cam. But if you could just kind of bring us from like the seventies eighties nineties two thousand to kind of where we are today. Just a brief overview. Yes well it's as far as i'm aware i'm no historian. But there's gentlemen could tom riley. This was in the seventy s. And well he was a liverpudlian or base the liverpool john moores university. I'm not hundred percent shore. But he's been credited. Certainly by chuck james morton who i interviewed in the book nutritionist. He's with t. minutes. Now we sent. You was the last. But he formally word liverpool. Suddenly james credited thome for being a pioneer in the world of sports science but certainly in the uk they were resistant. To in fact he wrote a book and i'm not even sure if it was published in the uk in the seventy s. I think it might have been published in america because he felt the uk would just so. Yes skeptical. I guess oncho y could be that. Small finan newman regularly mentioned so wasn't a huge impact really seventies and you know even into the eighties of i think there was a huge so of certainly not now with the gps fess. And the like i mean. I went to university in the mid nineties and the strange degree which was a joint english insurance sports science. So i remember at the time thinking you slightly off doing. What's his sports science. You know twenty five years ago. And actually i think around enlighten late. Ninety s and early two thousands move things did start to pick up of. I mean the impact sky and author certainly from a numbers data point of view slightly. Early impacted things but I really think it's been the last. Ten years is is really given it a shot in the arm. I think really done the elite its plan of. Who's at twenty twenty year. Twenty twelve and i mean this of the y. Depress really reported so of the negatives are of this which were very much seen. I think the the lower league clubs who would be missing out on pretty hefty transfer fees because generally was capped because of based on how much time the how young the didn't have to do with talent..

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