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He directed this interesting. How palms we got wrapped. Nazi palms okay well. We'll go see in. What are you doing this. I guess we're going to see palm token. Now didn't see that one either it had no desire talk like i'm a fan but i'm a fan of tolkien's books. I don't give a shit about his life. Would you believe it world war. One pretty rough turns out bad. John wick chapter three light up the base. I'm sorry i liked this movie too. I think so one was so good to was one great great to was so good. Three is great again. I feel like there's opening thirty minutes like as pure adrenaline momentum and it's hard to top that after the movie i thought marked arctic to scott cosco's discus this cock. I thought he was very funny. Very in this fan of john wick it was a fun to play light to play that and i love them at the policy of because usually these movies are like boring in between the action scenes yes all the john is so bonking wild old engaging on building an action. This movie is always doing one of the two things i i will say if i had out of criticism of the movie and ben rogers pointed this out to me and then when i saw what i re-watch it ended gunfights are not as fun as extended ended hand to hand combat shore to gunfights or not redone repetitive yeah. There's only so many times you realize allies now. I'm quoting here but he's like you realize why people have like dialogue in the middle of shooting scenes now. Don't it's just people walking around this. They were great dogs. Though great dogs buries a lot of fun. I was happy to see her. I love we we learn a little bit more about john weeks history that he's like belarusian walking through the fight like and it's like the men are wrestling and the women. We're doing ballet but everyone's killers. Everyone in new york is seeming like half of the population of new york is a hitman right. I i like that about these movies that day. Just like let you extrapolate. Oh also the fight against the fucking n._b._a. Guy in the name yeah that was a fucking awesome. Awesome fighter opened the movie never want book to the neck. Yeah love that that's like. He does that in bourne identity. It's with a fucking textbook in the throat. Ah lotta great kills in this movie out of focus acts throws my favorite. I'm still thinking comes in their focus all those knives. It's just like that's why you like a movie..

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