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Korea gets more attention than japan these days k pop beats j pop in global sales with japan house network there's also one in sao paulo brazil and in los angeles japan is fighting back with flowers thank goodness that report was by dan damon it's one of the most enduring mysteries in film history the whereabouts the aston martin from the james bond film goldfinger that was stolen more than twenty years ago but as richard hamilton explains it might now have been found or if you take the top off you will find a little red button whatever you do them touch it when goldfinger was released in nineteen sixty four they asked him martin fis became known as the most famous car in the world it's notoriety continued when it was stolen from a hangar in florida and nine hundred ninety seven rare bulletproof screen and left and right front wing machine guns now the car had been modified for the film to include typical 007 gadgets including machine guns and tosh reading blades this man the vehicle was so heavy that the thieves had to drag it out by its axles leaving timeouts on the ground up to where it was believed to been loaded onto a waiting cargo plane police were never able to trace it but now arts recovery international which has been hired by an unnamed insurance company says it's been spotted in the middle east the company's chief executive has added a note of caution however saying they need to check out the chassis number before they can confirm this is actually the missing astor martin and not a convincing look alike the car was one of two used in gold finger with another deployed for the scenes featuring sean connery behind the wheel a six figure sum has been offered for information leading to it's safe return that was richard hamilton less aston more people carrying and that's it from us for now but there will be an updated version of the global news podcast later if you'd like to comment on this podcast all the topics covered in it do please send us an email the address is global podcast at bbc don't coat uk or if you're on twitter you can get in touch using the hashtag global news point i'm jackie leonard and until next time goodbye

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