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Attacker to enter a demo in the meantime. But DDoS for companies, the attacks can also be due to unfriendly competition, disgruntled employees, or sometimes due to political activism. What we have seen increasingly is that DDoS attacks rather than being sent to the target itself are now increasingly being sent across entire IP spaces to the ISP that the target is using. We have also seen that evidence that this trend is picking up. Over the last two years, particularly after the pandemic started, we have now seen that there are specific techniques that target vulnerable ISPs. And this includes persistent threats, bits and pieces, attacks, DDoS cyberattacks packed with ransom requests. The most recent one is actually a reflected blackness attack. But what is clear is that techniques targeted specifically at CSPs are growing. And ransom requests are getting a lot larger as well. What are the trends around CSPs adding value from security services or offerings? What do you see happening there? What we see that many ISPs with the issue of declining margins in their core business. They have to do something to address the trend. A lot of GSBs other than answers such as OTT services, they also tend to security services as part of the answer. A lot of CSPs, but they think about adding value from security services. The thing from a market segment perspective, what would the consumer marketing? Where can we add value in the enterprise segment, for example? I believe that CSP is actually have to look at their own unique situation and decide on how much resources they can actually afford to throw at the problem. We see largest GSPs, they acquire solution integrators in their own local markets to get a quick bush to get into the business of selling security solutions. And on the technology side of things, they would partner with companies like nexus gut, for example. We believe that CSPs must look at where they have an inherent advantage, resulting from their core business. And clearly, identify where they can actually make a value difference in the provision of security services. We believe that is one of those areas where many CSPs is identifying as one of the key areas to make a difference. We also see that many smaller CSPs are using DR services as a way to kick stock and enter into offering cybersecurity services..

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