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We will start with saucy. Meat Sauce Paul Lambert. There were twenty three players in two thousand nineteen in the NFL. Twenty three different guys. Had seven or more receiving touchdowns. Giving one of them Michael, Thomas That is correct. He had nine. Austin cler. Eight. You're up to twenty. Gory go, Steph digs. Sorry Adzic set. For me three of them in one game to suck him right into it. Let's go with. All. My my can I think it was. Great, To! Adam feeling. He had six as well. Okay, let's try. Mike Evans. Mike Evans is correct the eight slaughter. Let's let's roll of Boston Cooper I mean. Excuse me go. No, no, no Amari Cooper I will give that to you like you. Is correct twenty two, yes. Fits beat down Arizona Way. Fits beat. Now. I was napping on this one because he did not allow shelvin. Is Julio on that list. Julio's McCaffrey. Here here they are Kenny. Golladay led the League with eleven. Cooper Cup Mark Andrews, the Baltimore Tight End Jared. Cook down in New Orleans Marvin, Jones four of them against the Vikings. devante Parker Chris Godwin in Tampa Tyler Lockett Seattle Dj Charq, Darius slayton AJ, Brown deer and fells. De'andre Hopkins Alan Robinson tyreek Hill, Terry, maclaurin Calvin Ridley. Decay, metcalf, Marquees Hollywood variety did really well Oh Lake Castle after picking them off P, p., A. With a commanding twenty two points, Corey, would nine saucy with five stumped a snob nine to noon..

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