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Piece off. Great. This is the web. This is where we talk about the connections between all of the stories in East Stephen King vs. Phoenix. What does this story have to do with my cowboy story. This is one of those gave me this Batman. This is one of those weird things that happens in literature. Sometimes where some Canon is ignored and some Canon is happening, you know, like a Capital C. Yeah, some people jump on you if your if your cannons not the same as their Cannon Stephen King and Peter Straub, who knows why Peter Straub get to say Peter shop was not involved in this song have both gone up and like made a super what looked like a conceited attempt like a press release at em, not to say that dinky is a breaker in the Dark Tower Universe. Okay, and that he right after the events of this story. Is basically plucked out of Oblivion by the Crimson King as a break, right? So for people who maybe have no idea what any of those words mean because that is Gobbledy gook. The Crimson King. Okay. How far how do we Okay. The Crimson King is evil evil man live with the top of the power of infinity. He's trying to break the spokes of reality using psychic humans from our reality to free him from his thoughts his his prison and those people are called Breakers and that is what dinky is Breakers people responsible. Yes. That's that's correct. Breakers are also responsible under the direction of the Crimson King Kong to help with the psychic explosion that will destroy the Dark Tower and the Multiverse, right? That's what I was going to say next because it was coherent and made perfect sense what children with The Shining become Breakers in the afterworld. Okay. And is that only if they are taken in by the Crimson King and forced to do it what happens do they just like live in the afterworld? Otherwise in our okay potentially if they're not Breakers. I'm just trying to get this straightened out. Yes, and no.

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