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In public and then you act a different way behind the scenes. And you feel like a hypocrite and like hypocrite is here and like person who stole old lady's purse here and hypocrite is underneath it in so many people's eyes. I'll tell you why that's so powerful to is so. I just got done doing my one of my most recent six week challenges right hired black belt jujitsu coach instructor and bj jj pj not to be confused with bj. Be jj that one makes a big difference and Dude i not only paid him for off six weeks upfront. But i told everybody here at the hq that hey guys. I'm gonna. I'm gonna start doing a six week. Challenge with coach. Pete and the reason i told him that was not because i was excited about it because i was afraid of doing the six week. Challenges that i take on are things that kind of put me out of my comfort zone that make me their little scary like the six weeks and the ran a marathon six weeks rock climbing right and so i knew that if i told my co workers here and i paid in full for all six weeks i negotiate my way out of it because at some point my coworkers are going to be asking like well so your four weeks in. How is it. And i'm going to have to either lie to them a or tell them the truth and so that public accountability is massive man. There's so much science behind it. What's number three all right. So the next one is going to be the systematic and auto matic right. Decisions was just kind of like a combination of the i two things. Okay so listen. You've got public accountability and you've removed all the temptations. Now you wake up and it's like oh this is all i can do. This is all i can do here. And it's also that planning and preparation the night before so that you wake up and you're already going on the thing so just make the path super smooth. We've all probably heard the story like. Hey listen if you wanna exercise in the morning. Make sure that you put your your work. Oh close beside the bed. And then mary poppins says you have. Begun is half done in a way you go it just systematic and so look at your life. Where are you struggling where you stuck in struggling on improving something and then how can you make that so much easier. Well you know. i'm really. I'm really not doing well with my diet. Okay great let's go to your host. Let's toss all the junk. Let's put good food in going back to that. Brian wants saint guy. He found that. If you put fruits and vegetables i level in your fridge. You're more likely to eat them than if they're hidden down. Okay also if you put fruits and vegetables on your kitchen counter. You're more likely ate them. Whatever is available. You're going to go to like animals. Yeah whatever is in front of us what we're going to go for exactly so make the path to success smoother. No matter what it is that you're trying to improve. I love that and we talked about going systematic and automatic if you can make it a priority because you always find time for things that are a priority for you and you make time because it's very important. Words are important. You make time for what matters and you try and find time and you never are able to find time because it's not like it's under the bed with your broker. You can't find time. You can only make time for what matters said so if you plan the night before this is what time. I'm going to work out and it's added to your calendar. You're not going to miss it but if you say today sometime i'm gonna work out. Well i could keep pushing that along until it's ten pm and i go. I've lost day. I'll start working right if it's on the calendar and you've told somebody or you have a workout partner waiting for. You can disappoint them. That's why the boot camps. The fit body boot camps are so powerful. Because you know. Mrs jones doesn't want to disappoint all those other ladies who she said i'm gonna lose ten pounds. How many here to support you. And i'm not then you don't show up on wednesday morning. Mrs smith is going to be a little bit cranky metro. Yeah that's number four. No more waiting hesitating or procrastinating. Success love speed and delays kill dreams. Yeah yeah you gotta get the momentum and motivation so you need to get quick victories. Get quick victories in a change like okay. Listen i'm going to say. I'm going to go and do this. Well go and do something right away. All right listen. I want to join that i wanted. I wanna lose twenty pounds and twelve weeks. What's the first thing you can do right now. Okay and sign up at fit body boot camp. I can buy the clothes. I can go for a walk right now. Even though i don't start my workouts it's more. I can hire that trainer. I can do something right now because if you go all starts moral than that thing happens where you wake up in the next thing you know. It's ten o'clock at night. didn't do that. So start tomorrow. Stan o'clock i'll start tomorrow and you just can't do that. You absolutely positively have to get those quick victories. And that's the power grab great morning routine you figure out. What's the most important thing that you want to achieve in your life and you make that thing you attack first thing in the morning because there's an old mark twain quote and it says if you have to eat a frog the best thing to do.

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