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You have your own show I know. Listen. Side to be on the odd-couple but my goodness, let me give you two quick things jazz down twelve at the half. The score in front of me Ziya Williamson played seven minutes. He's only Pelicans player with a plus minus that's negative the only one he didn't get a rebound no assists seals nothing he basically just went to score now for the jazz broussard this is awesome. So Bogdonovich is out for Utah they miss him lately. So Jordan Clarkson is going to be the Guy Seventeen minutes on the court. He's a minus twenty three always do it just Jack and shots? You can see Donovan Mitchell is not going to stand for this and that's the way too much Utah Jazz analysis I thought none of this matter it doesn't but I'm excited. Gave me five minutes on the first half of the Jazz Pelicans but but none of this matters stop it I it matters. And I look Jay Mac I didn't ask Rick, Bucur, about this because I didn't want you to suffer through the indignity of having to long-term NBA writers you you're crazy. But you think John Zaylon Williamson. Who just ripped by the way I? Didn't do anything. Yeah. You ripped him winning it out now renowned Rob Rob Gio. Love this. Williamson is the rookie year. Stop it for me he is. He played nine, thousand, nine hundred. Definition what defined rookie of the year in the NBA The rookie that had the best season. That's the rickety. Okay. So if you look at which rookie has done more firsts. Zion Williamson his numbers are absolutely staggering for a teenager which he was for most of the season. Okay and then what he's done in Nineteen Games, Guy Averaged over twenty points a game. Now you just said it the same Mac. Part of the job is being air. How in the world? Can you be the rookie of the year when you only played nineteen games and by the way? They were ten and nine in those games. Guess what their record was in the sixteen game before as I got back Dunno eleven and five. Are Zion Look. He was great. When he played, but job Moran became the first rookie since MJ. Michael Jordan I to lead his team in scoring assists and lead to the playoffs. The first rookie. How. In the world is he not I? Mean it's ridiculous. Okay. You can't be rookie or IDIA war in one thousand, nine games he is. He is the fourth the. Fourth teenager in NBA history to drop thirty plus points per game. Hey, in value backing. You give me a first for John. I'll give you another. Number one overall picks to score two hundred points in the first ten games Alan Iverson. Shack and Zion that's it in the last thirty years. Game what's what's what's the number? Is it twenty five if he played twenty-three giving the number all knowing Chris. BUSSARD. Give me the num- always the lowest. Games that someone is played at one rookie of the year is fifty fifty out of eighty two. So yeah. What's that percents? I thought you were out of out of sixty five games. He needed to play like forty. So he's even close I mean J. mccollum bear. I'm looking. The question is where you building around who has better stats who was Full. As. Job rant let horrible team to the playoffs. They're not in the playoffs yet they're doing AC close. Diane's better and.

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