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Amazon's top benched series goliath is returning for a second season and billy bob thornton is returning with it as the bedraggled lawyer billy mcbride and i've got him with me today billy thanks for joining me on the podcast thanks for having me will season one of goliath wrapped up pretty neatly as its own standalone narrative but you were one of the people along with many fans who were saying there ought to be a season two what did you want to explore in the second season of goliath well since like you said the first season was very very much a contained unit it had a beginning middle and end that was actually the way they'd always intended to do it you know and and with with the idea that there might be more seasons but it was always planned that if there are other seasons to make them their own story to so it would never be anything that drug the last case over into the next everything at that and once you get into something like this you're playing a character like this that that i love you kind of become them and and i'm kind of close to the characters start with so it was really you know everybody loved it it was successful you know brought home a trophy or two and and so i think people really got into it and didn't want it to end and so we were pretty sure we're going to do a season to even warmer shooting susan one season three is a little more questionable amend it hasn't we don't know because this one hasn't come out yet but so we don't have an official green light but they're they're in.

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