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I think the fact that he's also taking shots at messiah jury who replaced him in toronto gives us what we need to know about about what the impetus is here it's it's anybody who believes that something was done better by somebody else obviously colangelo left his fingerprints on the raptors but then to be replaced in have the mix you know sort at higher heights this season in terms of the first first seed and everything else that's that's a sign right there of a guy who feels like i want the credit for the things that i did with henke it's i don't think he deserves the credit as soon as i came in is when we started winning even if the seeds for that were placed by hanky years ago well and so we mentioned hanky and you mentioned masai the tweets also go after some of the players that they've got some of the star players they disclosed nonpublic medical information about you little okeafor gossip about joel embiid marquel folds and goes after media members he even telegraph the trade where they they acquired the number one overall to became more foltz than all on these bernard twitter account so it's not even just ego it's also information getting out there right and perhaps the worst of all too was very sensitive information about the potential failing of physical by oakland that ended up sinking a potential trade i mean there's stuff in there that would would be completely not allowed by anybody and not just tampering but would be detrimental to his own team one of my favorite guys on espn radio is freddie and you heard last night freddie and fitz simmons had the first chance to react to this listen to what freddie has to say freddie coleman has to say about bryan colangelo he flat out lied in a statement put up out of philadelphia seventy sixers so i'm not blaming twitter facebook instagram snapchat nothing i'm blaming these fools out there who don't know how to control themselves and they can get away with stuff he's not star he did this is his punk behind is only sorry that he got caught and he's gonna lose a job in which he was revitalized in the philadelphia seventy sixers and you.

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