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Angeles says she is in voting in. Jim says nobody cares. How what the hell jim. That's some gym south gym. Saas did you notice what pam said. When does he say pam says. Did you see her with her. Bangs and lady. This made me laugh out loud. Because i have just recently gotten bangs and people have a lot of opinions about it. They have opinions about my bangs. But what made me laugh. Was that before. I got my bangs. I of course. Google images of people with banks. You have to do research you don't just you got to look at all the pictures you google people with banks. You texted me. I think i'm gonna get bangs. Yeah to which i replied. Oh no i said. I think i'm going to get banks right now because like i was haircut in moment by the time he replied it was done. I know i who's like oh. I was busy with the kids. I decided we were going to paint. I bought the canvas and all the paint stuff we're outside. We'd made this huge mass. I'd set my phone aside. So i didn't get paint on it and then i just thought i'd check in see what's happening and i see this text from you. That's half an hour old. That says i think i'm gonna get bangs now and i was like. Oh no i didn't get you in but lady. I think they're adorable. I think they're super cute because they're curly. I'm loving it. I bring it up. Because one of the people i saw my research was hilary swank with bangs. So when i am made me laugh. But i really based my banks on some like mia farrow from hannah and her sisters. You look very seventies kind of like beechy wave with bangs a little bit of teri garr jerry gar or some banks like no one's business right but my main inspiration was probably stevie nicks and i will admit that after getting my banks. I did style my hair in a full stevie nicks and then i took pictures and i put them side by side. I was too shy to post. But i wanna see the side by side. You want to see my steve. Have on your phone. Yeah i mean. I really did this kind.

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