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James over. We gotta go. This gear is not betting on himself. He's betting on. Joe Judge an unproven commodity. Amadi that's who he just hits his wagon to it's a mistake Martinez back and we're joined now by NBA champion and longtime longtime NBA. Coach Byron. Scott welcome aboard. RLS Moves New Orleans where Zairean Williamson is finally set to take the floor and will make his debut tomorrow. Night against the Spurs. The top bid has been top. Pick has been sidelined for months. They knee injury and it feels like the anticipation around him has died down a bit but let's not forget it. He came into the league with more fanfare and hype than any player. Since Lebron James All right Do We think Zion will live up to the height yes absolutely yes only really three categories and reasons why we see guys not live up to expectations are injuries. Which I'm never gonNA bet on someone's GonNa stay injured? This is a nineteen year-old that you fixed his body mechanics. You could get them with the right people as they have and really instruct him on how to protect protect himself too. They don't want which I know. Zion does in terms of motivation and three. They're not good enough which he is so this is a guy in a preseason no short sample apple and obviously it's not regular season or playoff basketball average twenty three and six twenty seven minutes on seventy one percent shooting good low it Bromine and I'm nineteen being straight off the streets ready to go get it and I take myself back to. The greatest team does show a rookie. Who missed entire year and everyone was like? Is that team going to be the good. Is that player GonNa be turned out. He was Blake Griffin turned out all.

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