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Seven seven and komonews dot com what if president trump's frequent critics testing the presidential waters i hope that someone does run in the republican primary somebody to challenge the president i think that the republicans want to be reminded what it means to be a traditional decent republican that's arizona senator jeff flake who is not seeking reelection to his seat in the congress but maybe eyeing higher office joining us now from washington dc abc's lana zak in lana some harsh words from a member of president trump's own party senator flake has really distinguished himself as a critic of president from he's also called on other republicans do not stand silently by while he feels like conservative principles are under attack right now we heard a lot of that during the speech and it's worth noting that while we have heard senator jeff flake criticized president trump before this is probably the furthest that he's ever gone and he's doing in new hampshire the state that's best known as a first primary state in the nation he going to be running for president you know he wouldn't commit to either running or not running but it certainly sounded like he was trying to test out the political waters you know he said that he wasn't going to be running for re election but it might just be because he has his eye on a bigger office so what does this mean for the party itself because a primary challenge to a sitting president it's not unprecedented but it is very unusual very unusual it almost never happens and it usually is unsuccessful so the fact that it's not just senator freak that is potentially doing the ohio governor john casick also intend to deliver a speech in new hampshire president trump is headed there on monday there are a lot of people who are part of the republican party some of the never trumpers and the president himself from already seemed to be battling it out.

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