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You know along with AOC AOC would probably introduce him they get some stage time at the convention and then and then that's about done I don't think there's any political favor to be swapped I I think you look at you know the way that it went down the other day with the party seemingly coming together not the clover char mayor Pete and better are you know these huge huge names but that was a concerted effort and you're going to see more and more endorsements come the way I'd go by this way I think in Congress as well he leads in fact and congressional endorsements so I think Bernie just kind of fades off and you know retires at some point as as a senator rand and and former candidates that's it that's it two time loser again no it's not over buys brit Hume said Biden is one gap away from destroying this campaign well with it and here's the problem that we you and I discussed yesterday because this would have to be the consideration for Michael Bloomberg you know if they don't want it if if there's a a major gaffe or something comes down with the whole Ukraine thing Christmas or you know right any of it that any of that could you know hurt Biden very badly there's another thousand and ninety between now between today and the thirty first of the of this month there's another thousand and ninety one delegates now you look at the states that are out there and they're the Biden does pretty well in the states but we don't have recent polls and a lot of them but I think he has momentum going into them but again even if he's got that momentum and he goes and with a plurality and all of a sudden because you're you're looking at what roughly I'm but there's a month there's five six weeks maybe between the last primary and and the convention I mean if something comes down to a few gaps or hazard I mean it's just a really horrible run on the road all right it could change his numbers eight six six ninety redeye tips from J. J. Keller and associates incorporated on road check twenty twenty vehicle inspections road check twenty twenty is emphasizing driver requirements this year but don't think that'll be the only area inspectors will focus on from may fifth through the seventh inspectors will typically conduct to the north American standard level one inspection it's a thirty seven step procedure that also includes vehicle fitness in addition to the driver requirements since the inspections conducted during road check are considered standard you need to be sure that important systems like your break fuel and exhaust systems are operating properly the law also look at components like tires windshield wipers and lights to ensure they're working as they should inspection shouldn't surprise you during road check but you should be ready given the increased odds you'll be pulled over for one sometime during those seventy two hours this step was brought to you by J. J. Keller and associates incorporated.

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