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But it would be time to start to plan on how you could signed him up for long term because he's somebody you've already invested dollars in through the minor leagues. And he's produced all star levels the big leagues. And and he's still really really guy was he in Baltimore. I mean, because we have this preconceived notion of what he's like, you know, some of the things that he pulled in the playoffs last year for the dodgers stepping on this guy and flipping the bat and yelling at somebody. I mean what? What kind of guys you really found him to be really good at a chance to talk to him a little bit. And then because he's eight larger shortstop when he was in through the minor leagues. And and we kind of connected because you couldn't look at other shortstops in the league and say, okay, I need to model myself after them all almost sure to figure out how to do it yourself at your size. There's enough guys. Now in the big leagues that you talk to that. You could say, okay, how do you make that slow hit ball in the hole because as a bigger guy? You can't round it. And you can't you know, cover much your legs. You gotta make it up with a backhand strength of your arm. But so we had good conversations about that always found be good guy. Good hearted. I don't know. I don't think he intentionally does those things to like hitting Dustin Pedroia on a double play. Right. I think there was one improvement, man. He could make is that he was starting to look at what the situation is. And so when you're running from first and second base, you know, whether I chance to break up double play or I don't and if the guy was the ball or if there's a fast guy behind you. There's chances are I can't break dislike into the base. So sometimes I think he puts himself in a situation that could result in a negative outcome or even kicking the guy at first base. I mean, I jumped at first base my whole life, and I wasn't very fast, and you get so desperate. When you run to first base and saying, okay, I gotta get there. I gotta get there in the worst thing you could do is jump. But it seems like your stride wasn't there. When you jump your left leg drags on. And you kick it I face come on. I can't believe that. But I will say this are you available to tutor a Ahmed Rosario. Yeah. That'd be nice. Right. Yeah. How many calls do you get from organizations? I wanna talk to young shortstop. Like, hey, you know, you have you know, once you give this guy. A couple of words advice that happen a lot. I think I've gone I've been gone from the game too long to get those calls anymore. So tell come Cal Ripken junior. And I'll tell him, you know, well, I was planning on going out on the boat today. Yes. Smart, man. I just show up is the new book by Carribean junior other enduring values from baseball's iron man, it always a pleasure to have best of luck with the book. And hopefully, you bring us some lock tonight, we need it. Williamson should be the number one pick or what? Yeah. I think if I pick no matter which team I would draft him. There's some players that come along that are that sort of special that, and you don't know fully how he's gonna development LeBron came along. You knew you had something really really special clearly number one pick. But I don't think you knew he was going to be as great, you know, all around as he is he could just make any team better. I'm just by being on that on on the court, and he's going to be in New York net. Netcount telling you right now listening to you. I'm pulling for, you know, thank you look at that Gabon. Energy that we need to pleasure to have you see a cow cow ripka junior on the fan, boomer and geo also CBS sports network want to tell you about our Memorial Day weekend kick off to summer live broadcasts it headliner fruit.

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