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Hey i'm kelly mcevers host of npr's embedded and coming soon we have a new episode about scott pruitt the head of the it's a story about brutes life in the southern baptist church we handled a major pollution case and why he sued the epa fourteen times to search for embedded on the npr one app or wherever you get your podcasts it's the ted radio hour from npr i'm guy roz and i'm not sure today why we work and i d is behind the meaning of work and just before the break we were hearing from behavioral economists dan are ellie by something he calls the effect and the kea is a store with kind of okay furniture that takes a long time to assemble and i don't know about you but every time i assemble one of those it takes much longer it's much more effort full it's much more confusing for dan argues precisely because you worked hard putting together that furniture you actually enjoy the results more you feel a sense of pride and ownership in what you created so to study that idea dan set up an experiment we asked people to build some origami we gave them instructions how to create origami and we gave them a sheet of paper and they build something that was really quite ugly but then we told them we said look this origami really belongs to us you worked for us but i'll tell you what we'll sell it to you how much do you want to pay for it and we had two types of people we had the people who build it and we had the people who did not build it and just looked at it as external observers and what we found where the builders felt that these beautiful pieces of origami.

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