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Usually Bob O'Brien on this 31st of January the 31 if you will, and it's the Baskin Robbins number 31. Today would normally be the day of the Pro Bowl. But of course because of covert. They have canceled that this year. But that's the normal thing. The week before the Super Bowl, right, No Pro Bowl this year. That's definitely and anomie anomaly and that that's the word anomaly. It's time for another check of traffic on New Jersey, one on 1.5 talking about all the anomalies out there. Right now We're looking at two jackknife tractor trailers out there at least two that we've heard of anyway and the first of which, on the South Bend side of the Turnpike. Of course, it's in the outer roadway. And for the time being, they've got all South bound truck lanes closed on the turnpike from exit nine down towards eight A, and also still seeing a North bound crash on the turnpike just before exit nine. That too, on the out of roadway, the other jackknife tractor trailers in Bridgewater, it's been on the self band started to 87 for several hours now. Going down to exit 14. You'll see a left wing Shut down in the area. Looks like that North bound crash cleared away on 2 87 by exit 12. A number of closures do the icing tonight They have got Washington road shut down in the watching area by route 22. There's also a nice in condition and Warren Township on Morning Glory Road and Warrenville Road. They're both Shut down up. I read 22. And Bonnie Burn Road in the watching area also closed with icing Garden State Parkway speed restriction of 45 MPH. He's got 45 MPH on the turnpike as well. 70 up to 14 south of 70. It's going to be a 35 mile per hour speed restriction. And don't forget tomorrow they have got service suspended on all New Jersey Transit bus is light rail and rail service, with the exception of the Atlantic City rail line, of course, suspended for the entire service day due to the weather. Crossings looked pretty good at this point. No delays at the Hudson Delaware crossings. Move well again. Just use caution out there at all The bridges and tunnels traffic every 15 minutes..

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