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Security, can you remove this Lester Holt guy right now for the canteen area. Sean thought he was going to walk in here and be the big star and little did he know that Lester Holt would be here tonight on NBC nightly news, walk with the biggest names in the world. That's great that McCain's awesome. I must have gotten trouble to be working this late at night. And he's a good. That's my first thought when I first started to do the update I'm like, all right? Would that guy do at the company party? What did he do wrong while he's working ten pm until two AM eastern? What did he do wrong? Grab a couple of callers here as wrapping up our Saturday nights ago. Russ in Ohio. Thank you for the weight here on CBS sports radio. Huge great to be on man. And I gotta say Horowitz with a little little one-two-three trio combat right there on McCann with the with the radio and TV comparison right there. But to get into my point, it, it was an absolutely incredible night of playoff hockey and basketball. Once again, we had before overtime game last night between the Portland trailblazers and the Denver Nuggets. Then you go right into the only game tonight. Golden State Warriors taken on the Houston Rockets. Unbelievable for for by Kevin Durant. They go away from him at the end of the game for a little bit of that stretch there in the end of the third quarter beginning four, but then again, he misses the go ahead shot with about twenty seconds left on the clock poll up seventeen foot jumper. I couldn't believe he couldn't hit it. And then James Hardin just comes up in the clutch. Once again tries to reaffirm his status as the MVP of this league was sent points in the time period that was absolutely. Credible to it was a great night. Thank you for listening in Ohio. Appreciate the love Horowitz and kill Kelly all the producers at CBS sports radio. I'm telling you I've been doing a talk show for over twenty seven years now crosses country national statewide locally. And the producers at CBS sports radio are all pros in the NHL. An MBA playoffs are truly the best. I can ever remember. I just hope they live up to it all the way through the finals on both sides on the ice on the court SCO to Rudy. In Pittsburgh, listening ninety three point seven FM here on the Saturday night healed show Bill. Hey, what's your offered of controversial ending since sports? I like toss in the nineteen sixty eight masters, and if you remember what happened there? Roberto divas Senzo comes down to the seventeenth hole makes us three his marker. Tommy, Erin writes down before for them. So they go into the scores area. He signs score part. And as it turns out that four on seventeen has to stand if it had been the reverse said he made a four Aaron right down the street. He had been de queued himself. But as a turn out he has to accept the one more strokes, and he actually took and Bob Dole be becomes much. Sixty eight masters champion. Thank you for that. Sports history. In Pittsburgh, listening on ninety three point seven m always appreciate everybody stepping up. It's been a wonderful journey. On the Saturday night into early Sunday mornings together, if you're listening on the east coast or still Saturday night. The west coast from the derby ending to the NBA NHL playoffs to McCann and Lester Holt and also to Horowitz because it's interesting with mariah's coming up at two and he's a New Yorker and the Horwitz New Yorker last Saturday night when I was doing the Saturday night healed shows hope, and which was going to produce last two hours because I know he's a huge giants fan. So the Daniel Jones pick because Miranda's is pretty outspoken outspoken giants fan to or what's morass. Yeah. Yes, vote that you are. So are you both in agreement on the Daniel Jones QB out of Duke pick at number six for the most part, Sean, and I have been in disagreement over the last year, Sean is completely off the trainee lost his mind last year when they drafted saquon Barkley, I didn't. But from what I can tell them. We haven't talked much about it. He's probably the only other one that's kind of been semi calm about the tenure Jones pick like me. Whereas I think us to earn an island not only amongst giant fans, but amongst pundits and fans around the NFL. So what do you think as giants fan is Jones legit overall number six pick? Should they have taken Haskins? Did they reach or will Jones shut everybody up in NYC? My hope is that'll shut everyone up and to your point about reaching. There's no such thing that reaching it six if you get your quarterback for the next ten plus years, period. It's the most important position on the field. And truthfully the hypocrisy of fans and the media around the league when it comes to this pick is astounding last year, everyone freaks out because they took the best player in the draft and saquon Barkley and everyone said, oh my God you need a quarterback. Why would you take the best player available? And then this year these same people twist themselves into a pretzel saying why didn't you take the best player available? When you drafted a quarterback, which one is it. Can you live player can Eli not everyone saying oh the giants can't win? Now. Now, it's not a win now team because he liked can't play which I believe is completely false. This idea that he's you know, can't throw the football that all of a sudden he's blind that he's death that he can't do anything. That's a force. But that can be true that he can still play while also having an eye towards the future things can be true at once and too many people around the country. I it's all hyperbole. It's gotta be one thing or the other two black or white when a lot of things in life or gray. So they went and got the guy that they loved it six. And if he's the guy then great, you're set, if he's not the no matter whether you took him at six whether you took him at seventeen or the traded up in the back end of the draft if you were wrong on this. Dave Gettleman end, Pat Shurmur are both losing their jobs, and this idea to that people think that Hoskins better quarterback all of you need to take a deep look into your soul. Look at yourself in the mirror and admit a truth. The only reason you think that. Is because he actually saw twain Haskins play because he played it Ohio State. And you listen to the Melkite pers-, and the Daniel Jeremiah is the world you never watched Duke play it mitt that you don't know a thing about stop lying your stealth stuff. Lying others. You don't know. Dell Beckham junior. Did they get enough for trading him away to the Browns return? I would have liked more. However, it seems apparent that? That was the most that they were going to get and it'll be judged on how they turn those picks around in this year's draft. They feel that they, you know, got a good player back in peppers part of that deal was Andrew Siler because they essentially combine that in the the other trade. So if you can turn that into three starters for starters for one player, it's not bad. Who are more games? This fall the jets or the giants. That's a good question. I would probably. I'm going to say the giants just because again, we don't know what. Sam darnold is. And I think they still have questions on the defensive side of the ball. I think the giants finally address their offense of line again. I believe in ally for one more year. I don't think there are a playoff team by any stretch the giants, but they do kind of have the favorable schedule working for them. Whereas the jets have toward a Matic ELS every year because the patriots are in their division will said Horwitz pre shit, your hard work also killed Kelly. He has to get back to Ireland to the farm, but I appreciate him producing this show. Also, you guys will be handling.

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