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Area holding her all of Wisconsin's professional sports teams are refusing to play in protest over the shooting of a black man by police in Kenosha. ABC is Chuck Seabirds and says it started with the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks. First came word from sources to ABC News partner ESPN that the Milwaukee Bucks were boycott in Game five with the Orlando Magic to protest the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, then similar news about the Houston Rockets Game five against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Ditto for the Los Angeles Lakers in Portland Trail Blazers. Sources say. It's a player's decision. N BA execs didn't know And what will happen next isn't clear Major League baseball confirming Tio ESPN that the Milwaukee Brewers and the Cincinnati Reds won't play tonight. A curfew will take effect in Kenosha in one hour from now, after three nights of at times violent protests over Blake shooting police in Illinois, making an arrest in connection with the shootings of three protesters last night, two of them fatally. His 17 year old from nearby Antioch has been taken into custody and Lake County, Illinois. He's been Find a public defender and is set to make his first court appearance Friday. He's expected to be charged with first degree intentional homicide after allegedly opening fire during Tuesday night's demonstration. A veces Ryan burrow Hurricane Laura, now a Category four storm is just hours away from the Gulf Coast. Galveston County Judge Mark Henry is hunkering down swill. Fortunately, only last will will be done with this by this time tomorrow. So by noon to two o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Laura is moving so fast she's out of here and we can start assessing damage and getting repairs made. The storm is expected to make landfall early tomorrow morning Vice President Pence will accept the Republican National Committee's nomination when he delivers the keynote address on the third night of the party's convention. The on Ly Native American on Federal Death Row was put to death today. Navajo leaders urging President Trump to halt the execution of lesbian Mitchell. You're listening to ABC News. Arizona's new station station on Air 92 3 FM online at dot com and streaming Live on the air New Zap your Breaking News and Traffic. No Poirot to Jackie Lynn. And Here's Our Top story. Every man in this viral video and his girlfriend just received a cash settlement from the city of Phoenix. Where's Peter? Say more joins us now live with the story. Becky Phoenix is paying a couple $475,000 after a viral video showed now fired officer kicked the man Dre von Ames while his pregnant girlfriend and small Children watched. Councilman Carlos Garcia apologized to Aisha Harper and Ames, who was a shoplifting suspect, who was never charged. The money won't take away the trauma or the harm that's been caused, but I hope that the Children will have a better life for you. Well sued for $10 million again. They got 475,000 brush and nip calligraphers are also getting $136,000 in a separate case after the city suit them for not wanting to create wedding invitations for same sex couples reporting live Peter same or Katie. Our news businesses are beginning to open up in Arizona. But according to the executive director of the bio Design instituted a S U Dr Joshua Lay bare. The number of tests taking place in the state is dropping. The Bear says. If you work in the people business meeting different people every day. You need to be tested more often, you know, seeing lots of new faces every day, Master unmask. You know, At some point, I'd be good to get kind of routinely tested just to make sure that you're staying safe librarians that people still have to wear masks and you social distancing or Arizona could be in for another spike in Corona virus cases. Eyes on education. Parents of students with disabilities are calling on state leaders to provide more support for in home learning. Michelle Thorne has two Children on the autism spectrum and says parents like her need more support. She sent a letter to Governor Doug Ducey, the Department of Education and the Developmental Disabilities Department. With testimonies from more than 20. Other families proposing solutions. The Department of Developmental Disabilities should allow parents to use respite hours during the school day so that parents can hire somebody, Tio Come in and help their child. She also suggested partnering with local universities to allow for education majors to work with disability students one on one in their homes. Taylor Kenna RAP Katie eh, Arnie's valleys. Getting some more money for light rail Congressman Greg Stanton.

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