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All right. Monday night. Eight pm eastern time, the college football playoff national championship friend. It is our Bama, it is Clemson should be absolutely epic. Let's start with the Clemson D line against the Alabama. Oh line. Yeah. We talked about that that match up in the ours. Ball last week that Oklahoma all line against Clemson analysis, flip it look at the Alabama line against Clemson v line. We'll see if Dexter Lawrence who was suspended for the cotton ball. You know, if he's going to play in this game Albert Huggins, the senior as far as we could tell seems to be played and he played pretty well. So next Christian Wilkins Cleveland Farrell Austin, Brian, obviously, a very talented group going up against an Alabama offensive line left tackle, Joe Williams, the center Ross Pierce Bach or another senior there unless they're cotton as well at right guard a very good group. Are they going to be able to protect to attack? Oh Bilo against that. Clemson defense. The front. He's banged up. Obviously with that ankle are they going to be able to get after him an impact to enough. So that you know, kind of throws them off rhythm and keeps him from being a complete impact player member. We've seen that over. The course of the you know, the latter stages the regular season the Georgia game the Auburn game. They show that if you can get him if you can pressure him get him off rhythm keep him from being comfortable. Now, you can you can kind of make some hey there. So it's going to be interesting to see if this Clemson defensive line can kinda wreck the game here for the Tigers. How about shutting down the run and all these Alabama running backs? Yeah, we talked about the Harrison Jacobs and both Harissa guy. I think you look at this Clemson defensive front KENDALL Joseph obviously at line backer. I senior a lot of people are high on trade trae Lamar who was a finalist for the two buckets award. It's going to be big for them to stop the run. You know, it prevent you wanna prevent from getting into a rhythm. But stopping them from running the football. We'll be big. And then honestly on the opposite side of the football. It's just as important for Alabama. You know, we talked about ATN and how special talent he is MAC Wilson Dylan, Moses the talented inside linebacker to four Alabama. Both those guys that appears we'll be back for tied next year. So a good opportunity for both of them to go out on a high note on this season as they get ready for twenty nineteen but that would be a big key to the game there for Alabama making sure they locked down Travis CTN. And then, you know, really, honestly Ross the. Big thing is how's it? How's clemson? Good matchup with Alabama. You know, we talked about all those receivers Judy and rugs and Waddell and devante Smith, and you know, Irv Smith, how are they gonna match-up Trayvon Molin? This the junior corner. A lot of people are high on six one hundred ninety pounds AJ Terrell a really interesting player as well. Thirteen mile conference. This year marks fields inside player was a senior, you know. And then Isaiah Simmons the linebacker safety hybrid matching up against our Smith. How are they going to match up? That's going to be one of the big things that I'll be watching from the Clemson defense out in space and then on the other side of the ball. If you're Clemson. He's got all this young talent. You know, the Justin Ross T Higgins, obviously hunter Renfro. You always seem to have a big game against Alabama. Will he find a way to get it done? Big spotlight moment here for Trevor Lawrence Jake from even in a losing effort last year. Really did a nice job in that game against Alabama will will Lawrence be able to kind of shadow that and make those kind of same plays. Look Alabama showed that. They're obviously very young at corner..

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