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And it was kind of just like the fact that he gets laid a lot, which was like. Getting to know you said you said every ten years, right? Oh, yeah. It's a lot. It's amazing that like you are a chipmunk and you have sex, it's crazy shipments do have sex. I'm not a chipmunk, but chip months chip, Jim get. Right. But nuts, bro. Nice in their mouth. Madam lost him had them. Then lost cares care. Do nuts in mouth bits till the show in. One more. But then we really have to put a cap on put in your mouth. Top-shelf humor Nowlin cries. It's funny you guys who here's been to a live podcast of ours before. Okay, pretty cool, pretty cool. So you guys know the story, it's real people. Emailing us real questions doing our best to preserve their enemy, but answer wisely. Sometimes it's shake me alone. In a studio angry at each other mad. Why did you move to New York? Let's just get through this, but yeah. Shirts off ninety two degrees. It's a little wet humid, for some reason wet in the studio. Sometimes we have our good friends, Ben and Thomas on the show. And then there are those special times that we have you both on the show with live audience. Is that ever had before you never happened? This is the first time ever. I said, I said with confidence. Yeah. Like it had happened before like in my brain was, like, of course, I'm, maybe losing it. It's fine another great joke nuts in mouth. I like that a lot. So we got some here real questions from you'll people all we need is a fake damn to preserve. So I'll bake one. And you want a new one. Just like a normal, normal name you on a very ordinary name. Straightforward Norval lady or a boy as a man or a woman. This one is from a dude guy, bro, kind of bro do. I'll do it. I'll give it a shot. I'll give it a shot. I'll give it a shot. Thank you. Great suggestions. All we heard was literally King Kong yelling at us. Api fight Godzilla pretty soon I wasn't invited to that part. No spoilers. All right. Well, this person probably has an ordinary name. Right. It's the very normal name his name. I'll say it is, you don't have to think that hard because it could normal. They don't even have to think at all out On of there. the first thing I think of is a shirt DAL tat sherbert Dahl, tat. Thank you. Thank you. Applause break. For sure. Dal. It was worth the wait. Thank you, sir. Bert is kind of a surfer, bro. Calmness. Yeah. Honor you wonder us. Hey before you do that. Can I ask you a question real quick? Oh, okay. Cool. Go on night. So how are you guys? Are you excited to be in Chicago? How was it? And Jake, how many beverages that you have to take a couple to get you out on stage. Yeah, I like to go one whiskey before one whiskey. During no way to whiskeys during do you think you're not funny, unless you do that? I think I'm not confident. Okay. Okay, I'd love to hear the question. Surfer voice. Yeah. Hey, kudos on this phone case. Oh, thanks, bro. Tweed shoutout to super producer Mars, who gave me the inspiration. When I copied her phone case, it's sort of like gray brick. Yes, it's nice. It's a little too much. No. Do you remember that book, when you're when you were we and you would turn the pages and you and one of the pages and feel daddy's beard, and you would like there was a patch of like scraggly? I know the book I know the book one hundred percent feel daddy's feared I know the book and tell them fuzzy Caterpillar, sometimes feel daddy's beard, was definitely not in that book..

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