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As you but i do agree and i do agree if you're going to if you're going to start bending the rules just get rid of the rules and just make it like college football if that's what you're going to have it and that would stink that would snap as total chaos and totally it is there's nothing worse than looking at the field and there's number ninety nine lineup next to number twenty one he's going to throw the number sixty eight who's gonna hand it off the number eighty five i hate that about college football yeah that that doesn't sound like a play i'm familiar with that have unfortunate no i agree with you i don't get as as fired up about it but yes i agree with you i think you have an obvious and and correct point i have not written i men or anything but joe well you should josh josh freeman said he thought when he first played the steelers he thought they were purposely inverting some numbers like they would try to put number fifty nine in number ninety five on the field together and move those guys around teams use these jersey numbers those mean a lot and that you know by the way that in practice you don't have to wear the same jersey number that you wear in the game yeah i mean i figure you can wear whatever you want to practice right yeah why didn't know that i went to the redskins practice a few years ago in who would the sean jackson was wearing number one i think and dangelo hall was worrying number two and there was high school numbers and if you had to guess which two guys on the redskins team from two years ago would have special numbers in practice because it's an all mosh to themselves go into of guests those two guys.

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