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De pablo is not just for russian. It's language agnostic. correct. Yeah i'm not a doctor language agnostic. I mean we have some alternate will dirt in the system bobby multi folkston english-language russian vicious funny socks the today we have allegations in russian and like man polish it out vapors thankfully on human. Ob new rapes and countenances restaurants. And it's not like you like language. It's more like be working on very complicated tasks they working. can comprehend human language and of course that for english language. I is already enormous obstacle. And do you think it's harder to do it for russian or is it really just. It's a smaller market. And the activity right now is in english. It's a good question Lots of great folks who enjoy building can be systems and aleksey russian language. I mean i voted for Nozoe smart folks. They enjoyed the process. It's just when you were on her on one local later laka language which has relatively Small odense Rush i think is the second biggest long beach internet as far as i remember i might be wrong about this about the russian made is of second band is about something like that but the thing is when he focused on english language. You focused on so many problems. For so many countries you can address such allies markets. And you have. Such launched number of data sets in still sees a day not enough to solve the problem so focusing russian-language is definitely much more complicated. Of course like maybe some company as good by denault dive into russian Find something useful. They are but we know that you kind of go to dialects in the books and things of zale is a good basis for dallas. But that's not how people talk. So how shit so one of the things that we think

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