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You think beyond your plate i'm melinda hemelgarn register dietician and investigative nutritionist on admission to connect the dots between food health and agriculture and find food truth and today i'm honored to welcome my guest dr martha the lori she is a professor of nutrition at the ohio state university where her research seeks to identify specific fats that modify energy metabolism and inflammation in health and disease in particular her research group looks at the mechanisms of how different fatty acids change gene expression and metab listen in skeletal and heart muscles i happen to meet her on an airplane she was going to the american academy of nutrition in dietetic annual conference in chicago this past fall where she spoke about these different kinds of fatty acids and to try to put some of the misconceptions and confusion at rest her work has generated over one hundred peerreviewed research articles with continual funding support from a variety of respected agencies including the nih usta nasa the american cancer society and the american institute for cancer research thank you so much for being with me dr blurry welcome thank you so much for having me pleasure to be speaking with you today well i'm curious to know as dieticians i i don't know if i mentioned that you are also in addition to being a researcher nutrition professor and researcher at the ohio state university but you're also a fellow dietician and i think it's so interesting to see how our careers move forward or progress from our education and you have developed a strong interest and expertise in dietary fat how did that happen well i would actually studying to be a dietician i went to beaver texas an awesome and one of the professors came into one of our classes and said there's fellowship for undergraduate researchers everybody should apply and nobody apply but me so i got it and i worked with a group of professors who were working on how dietary fat affect inflammation and tumor formation and they were in this in mouse model for kanther to understand how dietary fat could impact basically the risk for cancer in these mouse models that's fascinating especially because i think if we look at some of the headlines and the media today there are certain terms that bubble up to the top so all kinds of fat issues whether it's the inner should i.

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